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Aaron T. Huss

Mercenary Breed

Editing is moving forward for the Hastilion Expanse campaign book. The Entropic Gaming System version of the Xenopedia has been released. Now I’m working on the Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction supplement which takes the bulk of Mercenary Breed and strips out the unnecessary items for a simple sci-fi handbook. This will have all the cool sci-fi weapons and armor!

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

Writing is still chugging along for Portsmouth 1745. The plot points are written as are the low level adventures. I’m currently working on the mid-level adventures and will the finish up with the bestiary sections. Then the book will have to find an editor as my usual editor for this is working on the Hastilion Expanse book.

Ultimate Guides

Charles White is still working on the Ultimate Knights Templar Guide. I’ve started planning the Entropic Guides: Warfare supplement, which is the EGS version of the Ultimate Guides books. This Warfare book will focus on all the large-scale combat things that I avoid in the standard supplements including: space combat, naval combat, deeper dive into chases, dogfights, mecha, siege warfare, and land battles.

Entropic Gaming System

The V5.3 Open Beta playtest packet was released a while ago. Very few changes have been made and now it’s really just down to editing and miniscule things here and there.

Third Party Publishers

The Entropic Gaming System is proud to announce our first Third Party Publisher – paNik Productions. EGS has been added to their standard multi-system product line, starting with Mals: A Human-Animal Hybrid Sourcebook which introduces a bunch of new character races to choose from:

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth Anthology, Volume I is still in process. I have received the third story and am patiently waiting for more.

Judgment Day 2nd Edition is making excellent progress. The first five chapters are done, which compose the player’s section of the book. I’ve already started on the Gamemastering chapter which is the start of the GM’s section of the book. I’ve also been plugging away on the first Cryptozoology release. Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm will include 30 unique creatures that all come from the chaos realm. These demons and demonic beings will not only be usable with Judgment Day, they’re also 100% compatible with every Shadowed Earth book (Faith & Demons: The Rising, and the upcoming settings The Fallen and Beyond the Firelight) and conform 100% to the OGL. You can thus use them within any alternate history, fantasy horror, horror, dark fantasy, or even epic fantasy setting.

Both Judgment Day 2nd Edition and Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm will be first published in EGS form. A Savage Worlds edition of both books will be published a handful of months afterward.

Each Cryptozoology release focuses on a single grouping of mythical and legendary beings. The second Cryptozoology release will be England or North America with the third being whatever one wasn’t second. After that, I’m debating on Scandinavia, Shinto, and the Balkans. This way, GMs can choose a setting for their games and grab whatever collection of beasts are applicable.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

If you haven’t realized, I love settings that infuse or use horror as a main feature of the setting; dark fantasy is one such setting theme. I love the Ancient World setting I wrote originally, being what I feel is a great representation of dark fantasy. However, I’ve never really been satisfied with how the core setting guide executed the setting. I’ve definitely become better at producing core setting guides though, starting with Mercenary Breed and moving on to Judgment Day (call it on-the-job learning). Once a couple projects are finished being written, Ancient World 2nd Edition (powered by EGS) is next!

This new core setting guide will drastically expand on the original core setting guide, considerably improve upon the layout of the content, and of course follow the EGS mechanics. The book is also being split into two: a core setting guide and the Bestiarum Vocabulum. Bestiarum Vocabulum is my dark fantasy bestiary, consisting of 150 creatures to throw at your Ancient World characters. However, you can also use them in any fantasy horror, horror, and even epic fantasy setting, not just Ancient World. I’m pretty excited for this as I’ve been clambering to redo Ancient World for at least a year.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I’ve made a huge amount of headway on the reference database. I’ve zipped through from Atlas Games all the way to Fantasy Flight Games.

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