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Aaron T. Huss

Mercenary Breed

Editing is moving forward for the Hastilion Expanse campaign book. I also finished converting the Xenopedia over to the Entropic Gaming System and stripped out all setting references. It will be released as a standalone sci-fi bestiary and will coincide with the Entropic Heroes: Sci-Fi supplement.

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

Writing is chugging along for Portsmouth 1745. The plot points are written as are the low level adventures. I’m currently working on the mid-level adventures and will the finish up with the bestiary sections. Then the book will have to find an editor as my usual editor for this is working on the Hastilion Expanse book.

Ultimate Guides

The Ultimate Knights Templar book is still in progress. I’m giving Charles White as much time as he needs to complete it so that it’s another awesome Ultimate Guide! He’s informed me that he’ll be done this year, but I’m not too worried. I’d rather have the sourcebook done right than done quickly.

Entropic Gaming System

The V5.2 Open Beta playtest packet was released a while ago. It’s by far the most stable playtest packet as so far the only changes for V5.3 have been clarifications and wording changes. To coincide with the ongoing playtest and to offer new content upon release, I’ve been converting previous material to the Entropic Gaming System. These cost effective releases offer a nice addition to the system with new OGL content and a plug-and-play feel. This way there will be even more options once the core rulebook is released.

Third Party Publishers

I will be adding a new regular section to the Throne Report to highlight third party publishers for the Entropic Gaming System. Stay tuned for further news!

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth Anthology, Volume I is still in process. I believe there are two more stories coming in to round out the entire book. So far I’m quite happy with what I’ve received.

I’ve been plugging away quite diligently on Judgment Day 2nd Edition. The first few chapters are completed and I’m quite happy with how this is developing in terms of being the first setting powered by the Entropic Gaming System. Along with Judgment Day have been some early Veiled Supplements and Veiled Adventures releases, conversions from previous material. Not only do these provide new OGL content, it offers a glimpse into Shadowed Earth that can be plugged into Judgment Day.

I’ve made a decision change in regards to the Cryptozoology series. Instead of waiting to release a full 150+ page book, I’m going to release smaller supplements in PDF format and then compile them in a POD format. Each entry will contain 30 entries that will be grouped according to their location. This means you can easily take all 30 entries and drop them all into your chosen setting. For those who want to have adversaries from multiple settings, the POD compilation will be an optimal choice! This also allows me to get new adversaries out quickly to get gameplay moving.

Shadowed Earth Online and the Encyclopedia Chaotica have both been moved to the main website with this recent overhaul:

Roleplayers Chronicle

I’ve been digging into the clean-up of the RPGs. Ars Magica is completed and I’m continuing on to the rest of Atlas Games’ catalog.

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