Mystical Throne Entertainment is the developing and publishing outlet for freelancer Aaron T. Huss; Editor-in-Chief of Roleplayers Chronicle, former Editor-in-Chief of Savage Insider, and charter member of the Game Publishers’ Guild. Our mission statement is quite simple: Bringing new worlds to your tabletop!

What does that mean? That means that at anytime, you can peruse one of our websites and find something new to bring to your tabletop for a wonderful, new gaming experience.

We aim to enhance your tabletop gaming experience by publishing material that works with or within the products you enjoy. This includes new settings and campaign locations for licensed systems, valuable supplements, tools to make your games more dynamic, and much more! We strive to present you with only high-quality products.

Aaron T. Huss
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Bringing new worlds to your tabletop!

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About our Settings

Ancient World

Ancient World is a dark fantasy world, set on the planet Dhuran. The Known Lands are vast, but civilization is scattered about; the lands are simply too dangerous for remote towns and villages to survive. These civilizations comprise the player character races: dark elves, dwarves, gray elves, halflings, and humans.

Faith & Demons: The Rising

Faith & Demons: The Rising is a historical fantasy horror depiction of the Dark Ages, placed within the context of Shadowed Earth during the events leading up to The Fall. These Dark Ages are heavily influenced by mythology, folklore, and legend combined with the fantasy horror canon of Shadowed Earth. Player characters take on the roles of brave warriors fighting the Armies of Chaos and those that support them.

Judgment Day

Judgment Day is a multi-era fantasy horror setting, placed within the context of Shadowed Earth during the Crusades, Victorian era, and modern age. It entails the supernatural hunting stories of the Inquisition and can be used to branch out to all other organizations that fought for or against the supernatural during those periods. Player characters take on the roles of inquisitors or members of an inquisitor’s retinue (or something equivalent) hunting the supernatural horrors and supporters that plague the world.


Killshot is the Intellectual Property of development studio Broken Ruler Games. Powered by the Optional System, it’s a modern action and espionage game that embraces the tactical side of combat over more comment combat resolution methods.

Mercenary Breed

Mercenary Breed is a sci-fi sandbox RPG setting that embraces all types of sci-fi game play. It’s as much a series of toolkits and options as it is an actual setting, and is supported by a 100% original sci-fi bestiary called the Xenopedia.


Mythos is the Intellectual Property of Gilbert Gallo, a Mystical Throne Entertainment freelancer and a member of White Rabbit Studios in Italy. It features the heroic tales of characters within mythological Greece, a combination of historical and religious beliefs.

Shadowed Earth

Shadowed Earth is a fantasy horror alternate history that encompasses all of Earth’s history, from the dawn of time to the near future. It is featured within our role-playing games and fiction, depicting a world where mythology, folklore, and legend are made real alongside elements of gothic horror, cosmic horror, and fantasy horror.