Shadowed Earth Veiled Adventures #02: The Temple of St. Benjamin (EGS)


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Along the rocky cliffs, an ancient temple stands proud, casting an ominous shadow on the village below. It’s an empty structure from a forgotten time; or at least it’s supposed to be empty. The temple once offered religious services to the villagers and provided a resting place for their deceased. Now, it’s plagued by the undead and their necromantic master.

The Temple of St. Benjamin is a standalone Shadowed Earth adventure, powered by the Entropic Gaming System, usable at different character ranks. It’s nominally set in the latter half of the Dark Ages or during the period of the Crusades and involved a necromancer and his occult followers. The ossuary and church should be placed on a cliff overlooking a village, preferably near a large body of water. Ideal locations include Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Francia, and the Holy Roman Empire.

Veiled Adventures #02: The Temple of St. Benjamin is not a standalone game and requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook. Although designed to be used within a historical Shadowed Earth setting, such as Judgment Day, the OGL material can be used with any Entropic Gaming System product.

The Veiled Adventures series presents standalone adventures for one or more of Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Shadowed Earth settings.

The Temple of St. Benjamin is an adventure designed around The Ossuary battlemap, copyright and published by DramaScape with cartography by Simon Powell, used with permission. DramaScape’s battlemaps are available exclusively through DriveThruRPG and can be purchased at:


Category – RPG Adventure
Authors – Aaron T. Huss
System – Entropic Gaming System
Release Date – October 17, 2014; January 31, 2018

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