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Xenopedia is a bestiary and adversary collection for science fiction adventures and campaigns powered by the Entropic Gaming System. Although Xenopedia is designed to be used with Entropic Gaming System: Science Fiction, it’s completely universal and is usable with any science fiction setting or campaign, published or homebrewed.  Each xeno entry provides a background of the species, the basic stat block, general motivations, and even a scattering of NPCs, minions, or alternate stat blocks. With all entries powered by the OGL, Third Party Publishers can use them too!

Xenopedia includes:

  • 35 different xenos species including…
    • Intelligent species.
    • Non-organic species.
    • Animal-like species.
    • Monstrous species.
    • … and more!
  • A keyword rating system to better understand the species.
  • Villains.
  • Illustrations of each species.


Category – RPG Supplement
Authors – Aaron T. Huss, Todd Crapper
System – Entropic Gaming System
Release Date – October 29, 2014; March 14, 2018

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