Throne Report – May 16, 2024


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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

As my children have gotten older and life has gotten much busier, writing and publishing have slowed down considerably. The Throne Report is moving from monthly to quarterly

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Multi-System Supplements
Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Spiritualism is patiently waiting to pick-up development after Beyond the Firelight is updated. Part of this is because one of the How to Guides will be compatible with Beyond the Firelight and other Chronology Engine games in the queue.

To see the historical timelines captured in our games, visit:

Shadowed Earth
After Beyond the Firelight Deluxe – Revised and Spiritualism are completed, I will begin work on Shadowed Earth 2nd Edition.

Chronology Engine
Beyond the Firelight Deluxe – Revised is in the process of being revised. All general revisions and updates are complete. Two new Scenarios have been written and the third one is now being written. I expect to finish this within the next couple weeks and will then send it off for editing. While it’s off in editing, research will resume for Spiritualism.

Entropic Gaming System
There are no new updates to our Entropic Gaming System core products at this time.

There are no new updates to our legacy products at this time.

Roleplayers Chronicle
You can always follow our major product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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