Systematic Adventures #01: The Secret of Isla de Monos (EGS)


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One morning, you wake up and look in the mirror. The face looking back at you is not your own; you have been the unfortunate recipient of a Voodoo curse! Seeking a remedy, you journey to Isla de Monos to bring back the final ingredient to lift the curse. But there are certain things that get in the way…

The Secret of Isla de Monos is a pirate fantasy themed adventure for the Entropic Gaming System. It can be used as an introductory adventure for 4 characters, or set into a current pirate setting as a slight misfortune during the life of a pirate (or privateer). Take a trip through the Caribbean and be careful when Voodoo is near!

The Secret of Isla de Monos is a complete standalone adventure, but can easily be slotting into an existing setting or campaign. It only requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook.


SKU – MYL43101
Category – RPG Adventure
Authors – Gilbert Gallo
System – Entropic Gaming System
Release Date – October 15, 2014; January 25, 2018

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