Systematic Adventures #02: Once and Once and a Long Time Ago (EGS)


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Once upon a time, the Witch of the Wild felt her heart drawn to a handsome and valiant Knight Errant, but his eyes and his heart were only for the king’s daughter, the princess. This became all too apparent when the witch approached the knight and offered herself to him. Bitter and scornful at being rebuffed, the witch cursed the knight; his heart became twisted, and his love turned to lust. His actions began to reflect his now-tarnished soul, and it wasn’t long before he became known as the Black Knight.

Once and Once and a Long Time Ago is an epic fantasy adventure for the Entropic Gaming System. Although not an introductory adventure, it can be used at various character ranks with little to no adjustment needed. It can be plugged into any epic fantasy setting or campaign and can even serve as a building point for a new campaign setting.

Once and Once and a Long Time Ago is a complete standalone adventure. It only requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook. Additionally, it features over 25 new fantasy creatures and NPCs that GMs can use for any adventure!


Type – RPG Adventure
Authors – Curtis Lyon
System – Entropic Gaming System
Release Date – November 3, 2014; February 4, 2018

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