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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

Since the last Throne Report, two planned products have been released, but the backlog still grows. I have a lot of products in editing that are being revised or cleaned-up along with some re-layouts to offer more books in full color. Taking a break from writing has actually been a good change of pace, especially while I’m in school. Once school is done, time availability won’t be such an issue. But that isn’t until this October. Thankfully, I have a number of things in freelancers’ hands to fill the gap!

Mercenary Breed

The full Hastilion Expanse book is now available in PDF and print. This full campaign comes in a full color hardcover and a black-and-white paperback alongside the full color PDF. The full color book is quite spendy, but the paperback is half that price. POD gets quite costly for full color books; but I think it’s worth it!

On a side note, I have been thinking about doing a full Mercenary Breed core setting guide which presents the Mercenary’s Handbook and Galaxy Guide in a single book. Adding the Xenopedia would make the book too long. The books will still be available separately, but the combined core setting guide will be available as a full color hardcover and black-and-white paperback. Along with the full color hardcover, it will also be in the new standard 7×10 format. Combined with the Hastilion Expanse campaign book, this will look awesome on the shelf!

Licensed Campaigns

The first round of editing on Five Points (Dark Streets) is done! I just have to go through the edits and send it off for round #2. Thanks to Cakebread & Walton, I will be working with the original Dark Streets artist for this book’s artwork to maintain the look and feel of the Dark Streets setting.

As a teaser for the near future, I’ve already discussed with Peter Cakebread about additional Dark Streets campaign settings, in the style of Five Points. The first one that came to mind is 1890s Chicago during the time of the World’s Fair (& H.H. Holmes’ murder hotel) and when the gangs there became prominent. Another setting I’m entertaining is 18th century New Orleans (or maybe early 19th century) with the inclusion of voodoo/hoodoo and the like. Another one is bringing the Mythos back to New England and adding the Dark Streets flair to it.

I really like the Dark Streets concept and it’s a great place for alternate history!

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Conspiracies Guide for Savage Worlds has gone through layout. It’s currently in the hands of newcomer artist Ken McIntyre (who also happens to be my cousin). He’s got a flair for the weird and this type of book is perfect for his style!

As a hint of what else is coming, Anthony Preece is working on an Ultimate Fey Guide for Savage Worlds. I’m pretty excited to see what he puts together, although I don’t have a timeframe for it yet.

Entropic Gaming System

Now that the revised edition of the Entropic Gaming System is available, the Quick Start Guide will be updated to include those same changes and laid out using the same formatting as the core rulebook. The PDF will be full color and it will still be available for Pay What You Want. The printed edition will still only be black-and-white paperback, but will also still be available for Pay What You Want. The adventure will be the same, as will the pregenerated characters, but the mechanics will match those updated in the core rulebook.

The next EGS book will be Entropic Heroes: Fantasy. I had started working on it before when other priorities came up, and now it’s made its way back to the top of the development list. Active writing is now on hold, but when time permits, it will be half of my writing focus.

Third Party Publishers

No updates here, but keep on the look-out for new 3PP EGS products.

Shadowed Earth

Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide is done with layout and pending artwork. I’ve already started doing the necessary edits to make a Savage Worlds version and will likely hold off on releasing the EGS version until both versions are ready. This also delays the need for artwork, but not for long.

Development on Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings is officially on hold until the layout backlog is completed. I may jot down things that pop into my head here and there, but otherwise writing will commence at a later date.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

Development for Ancient World: Quick Start Guide has also been put on hold. Writing has not begun and thus it can’t squeeze into editing and layout. Alongside Entropic Heroes: Fantasy, it’s at the top of the development list. It too will be part of what I write when time permits.


The Mythos core setting guide for Savage Worlds is currently in layout. This slightly revised and cleaned-up version incorporates the previous errata and formats the book the same way as the EGS version (which Gilbert and I agree looks better). This will then be available as a full color hardcover as a full core setting guide and a black-and-white paperback as the Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering books.

Broken Ruler Games

The ScreenPlay playtest is officially closed. The Warden over at Broken Ruler Games is busy working away on getting the core rulebook available along with a quick play version that includes an abridged version of the core rulebook. Lots of exciting things are being planned, but you’ll have to wait for further announcements or visit Broken Ruler Games for up-to-date information.

Roleplayers Chronicle

New additions to the database have been put on hold while I clean up some recently changed links. I have to scrub the entire database again, but this one won’t take nearly as long.

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