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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

Happy New Year! The past month has been busy and filled with holiday cheer, but that hasn’t stopped us from putting out new products, updating existing products, writing, editing, and kicking off something new. Find out below.

No New Updates

There are currently no new updates regarding Licensed Settings, Third Party Products, and Ancient World. Although these product lines have books in the “title brainstorming” category, there are no announcements to be shared at this time. When one of those books enters the planning queue, you’ll find out about it in our Throne Report.

Ultimate Guides

This past month has seen the release of Ultimate Age of Discovery Guide: Pirates and Privateers for the Entropic Gaming System. Not only does this include the same expanded content as the Savage Worlds version, it also includes additional content for sea battles and campaigns set on the sea. Although the basic mechanics of sea battles from the Warfare book are repeated therein, this book is meant to be a companion to that Warfare book for an all-encompassing game set on the high seas!

Additionally, we have new books in development, but their official announcements will not occur until the content is sent in for editing. That way I have a better idea of the schedules.

Shadowed Earth

Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings is in process of obtaining artwork from regular-illustrator Andrew DeFelice. Andrew has an incredible knack for depicting creatures of folklore and mythology that it only seemed right to call upon here again. Layout is done and when the illustrations are received, the book will be available for sale with a $3 PDF price tag (no POD as it will become part of the Cryptozoology compendium POD).

The first Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) book is in development – The Fallen. This book is part of Shadowed Earth and marks the opposite end of the scale that follows Beyond the Firelight and Judgment Day. Beyond the Firelight is survival horror where no one is really a hero; Judgment Day contains heroic characters that fight the horrors of Earth; and The Fallen places supernatural characters in the fight to save all of humanity. So why PbtA? Because it fits the character-driven, storytelling design of the game perfectly. The playbooks are in the hands of two very trusted RPG designers for feedback.

Additionally, I’ve started research for the next Veiled PDF – Veiled Supplements #03: Pinkertons. This PDF will feature a delve into the history of the Pinkertons along with how you can incorporate them or one of their many investigations into Judgment Day or even use them as a baseline for your own Shadowed Earth setting.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Little Heroes

Magical Bracelet, a quick Scenario playable in about an hour, is now available for PWYW at RPGNow. This is another storyline written by my daughter Harper. If your child has written a Scenario, send it to me and I can get it published and available to everyone!

Savage Insider

Savage Insider Issue #7: End of Days was released on January 1 to mark its 5th anniversary. Savage Insider Issue #8: Technology at the Table is in layout and will be released on April 1.


The Companion book for Mythos is now available for Savage Worlds and EGS in PDF and paperback. It makes the perfect addition to the core of the Mythos line.

Mercenary Breed

Mercenary Breed continues to be revised to the new layout. Additionally, a sort of deluxe edition core setting guide is now available that combines the Mercenary’s Handbook and Galaxy Guide into a single core setting guide. You can get this in PDF and hardcover, full color print! Additionally, Galaxy Guide and Xenopedia have both been updated to the new layout. POD proofing copies have been ordered. There was a problem with the first set of Galaxy Guide proofing copies, but the problem has been repaired and new proofing copies have been ordered. As a special treat, Xenopedia will be available in paperback and hardcover. That way you can get the core setting guide and Xenopedia in hardcover, placing them next to each other on your bookshelf, possibly alongside the hardcover of Hastilion Expanse.

Powered by the Apocalypse

Oh the plans I have here… The Fallen will only be the first with more to follow. But I don’t want to spoil anything…

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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