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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

On Friday, January 8, 2106, Mystical Throne Entertainment will be moving from the frigid Minnesota to the warmth of Florida! There will be a slight interruption in availability due to this move, lasting probably 3 or 4 days, starting January 6, 2016. After that, everything will resume as normal and I’ll be enjoying the beautiful weather and laughing at the snow and ice we leave behind.

Mercenary Breed

The fifth and final book of the Hastilion Expanse campaign (Rebellion) is now available. This book covers Heroic (and is suitable for Legendary) rank with the full printed book coming in January. The printed book will contain the four campaign modules as the setting guide (Drake Mining and Manufacturing) will remain as a PWYW PDF. As a note to all, this campaign is written for Mercenary Breed, but can easily be used with any Savage Worlds sci-fi setting.

Licensed Campaigns

Writing continues on Five Points (Dark Streets). For mechanics, all writing is done up to the Adventures chapter. This final chapter will contain 8 adventure frames that provide a background and guidance for an adventure, giving the players the ability to resolve it as desired and the GM to incorporate it into her campaign as desired. After that, I’ll put together a narrative introduction and throw it off for editing.

I have a pair of guest editors for this book, namely Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton themselves.

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Celts Guide (Savage Worlds) is available. The proofing copy is in process, but seems to be taking a while. This one features five original pieces from Andrew to create that Celtic appeal. The next book, Ultimate Conspiracies Guide, will start layout in February. I’m plan on keeping these books to no more than one per quarter. Hopefully I can get more lined up for 2016 as I currently have three authors working on new Ultimate Guides books.

Entropic Gaming System

The revised Entropic Gaming System core rulebook available. This full color PDF follows the new layout that was first featured in Entropic Guides: Warfare, a layout that I really like and will be using going forward. The proofing copies are in process, but seems to be taking a while. The printer is quite busy this month.

Third Party Publishers

No updates here, but keep on the look-out for new 3PP EGS products.

Shadowed Earth

Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide is back on my development list. This version will feature all the Victorian mechanics, a Victorian introductory adventure, and 6 Victorian pregenerated characters. It will be available as Pay-What-You-Want in PDF and print-on-demand. It will be available in both EGS and Savage Worlds versions.

Development on Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings has gone through the planning stage. I have my list of the 15 entries that will go into the book. Unlike the first book, this one will be formatted in the same way as the Bestiarum Vocabulum where each entry gets a two-page spread instead of a one-page spread. This allows me to provide better information for incorporating the adversary into a game. The reduction in entries keeps the price point to $2.95.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

The PDFs and PODs for the Ancient World core setting guide EGS and Savage Worlds are now available. Bestiarum Vocabulum EGS and Savage Worlds are also available in PDF and POD.

There’s a good chance that an Ancient World: Quick Start Guide will be developed and released as Pay-What-You-Want in both PDF and POD. These are a great way of introducing settings to potential customers. I’ll probably pull together a nice bundle of EGS Quick Start Guides as a type of Try Before You Buy package. Something fun that would make a great gift!


No new developments on Mythos right now. However, there’s a good chance that in 2016, the Savage Worlds version will be revised to match the formatting and layout of the EGS version. I will also be incorporating any errata and cleaning it up here and there.

Broken Ruler Games

Check-out our various announcements and updates regarding the ongoing ScreenPlay playtest. You can also follow the link on the homepage to send us a message if you’re interested in participating. Visit for more information. The version 1.4 playtest packet has been uploaded and is currently planned to be the last playtest packet. Get in on the ground level while you can!

Roleplayers Chronicle

I am proud to say that my 3-year database refresh project has finally completed! Now I can move on to adding new publishers, starting with Catalyst Game Labs. The Shadowrun entry has been started and the 5th edition books will be added in January.

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