Throne Report – March 29, 2013


Throne Report is Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter to discuss all things related to Mystical Throne Entertainment and Savage Insider. This includes all products being published or sponsored by Mystical Throne Entertainment and highlights of products being developed by Savage Insider’s development team.

Throne-Report-Newsletter-BannerGreetings one and all and welcome to the first Throne Report, Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter that will (hopefully) be posted every Friday. This online newsletter is meant to keep all our fans informed about what we’re working on, what’s been released, important announcements, and a look at what’s coming up.

Savage Insider

We’re busy working on Savage Insider Issue #8 with a release date of next week. Vickey is leading development on this one and is scurrying along with first draft editing. Aaron is busy making second draft edits and doing layout. This issue focuses on tech at the table and technology in games with an assortment of different technology types including clockwork, steampunk, and cyberpunk. The tech at the table columns feature tech tools you can use for tabletop role-playing.

Ultimate Guides

Freelancer, and historian, Christopher Banks has turned in his submission for the next Ultimate Guide featuring Three Kingdoms China set in the 3rd century BC. This new Ultimate Guide follows the format of the popular Ultimate Roman Legions Guide with a wealth of historical information, character options, NPC stats, and a Savage Tale. Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide is currently estimated for release in June 2013.

Mythos Core Setting Guide

Freelancer and Savage Insider team member Gilbert Gallo has finished his ~300 pages (6×9 format) of submissions for the Mythos core setting guide. This new Savage Worlds setting features godlike heroes and heroines within Ancient Greece in a land where all its mythology is real. Aaron and Vickey are busy plugging away on editing and hope to have the book finished by July. We have also kicked off discussions with Chronicle City to get this book into retail outlets.

Shadowed Earth Core Setting Guide

Aaron continues his work on writing the Shadowed Earth core setting guide, detailing and establishing the canon for the entire alternate history of Shadowed Earth. This systemless guide will be used to establish the setting for all Shadowed Earth books including Faith & Demons: The Rising and Judgment Day.

Twilight Continuum

Twilight Continuum is in its last week of the Kickstarter campaign. Now is your chance to back the Kickstarter and help see this project come to fruition.

Roleplayers Chronicle

We have rolled-out our new Featured Article format over at Roleplayers Chronicle and the first Featured Product series, featuring Clockwork & Chivalry and Clockwork & Cthulhu by Cakebread & Walton, is due to start releasing on Saturday, April 6. This 5-part series will take readers through the ins and outs of this fantastic historical fantasy clockwork series, powered by the Renaissance system.

Roleplayers Chronicle Reference

Transitioning the tabletop role-playing database from The Mystical Throne to Roleplayers Chronicle Reference has been a daunting task. Although the database was transferred, the images were not, the links are broken, and many listings reflect the old style. Slowly, but surely, the entire database is being updated to the new style with new links and inserted images. The Roleplayers Chronicle Reference website is a great place to go to learn all about your favorite systems, settings, and publishers, and find some you didn’t know about. You can follow the TAGS to find a particular genre, browse your favorite publisher, or search for your favorite gaming system. This past week All for One from Triple Ace Games was cleaned up and is ready for full perusal.

Mystical Throne Entertainment is a publisher of tabletop role-playing games along with the parent company of the Roleplayers Chronicle news website, reporting on the entire tabletop RPG industry with news, articles, reviews, and important announcements. Throne Report is (c) 2013 Mystical Throne Entertainment and features the latest information about the company and its partners. Watch for a new Throne Report every Friday to keep up-to-date.

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