Important Announcement about the Future of Savage Insider


As we move forward with Savage Insider and its support of Savage Worlds, it’s time to take the magazine to a new level of support and move it from a collection of fan and licensee content to a full magazine with defined columns and flagship pieces. With this, new articles are being defined and dedicated column-writers are being discussed. The format of the magazine will follow that of traditional, professional magazines whereas each semi-annual issue will follow a specific theme and include a collection of regular articles in addition to flagship articles. The new Savage Insider will be a purchased magazine available in PDF and print (either through Print-on-Demand or through a retail partnership with Chronicle City). Additionally, we will continue our free magazine issue on an annual basis to further support the Savage Worlds community and its licensees. Each issue will be 64 pages long with a PDF cost of $5.95 and a printed cost of $9.95. Releases will occur every four months during the first weeks of April, August, and December. The December issue will feature a free PDF with regularly priced print option.

Savage Insider Premium Issue #5 marks the end of the Premium Issue series and Savage Insider Issue #9: Tales of the Weird marks the end of the free-only model as we prepare our first issue under the new publication model for an April 2014 release along with hopefully preparing the subsequent two issues.

Here’s a look at the different articles for submissions or from column-writers. External submissions are on a commission basis, internal are on a royalties basis, and flagship pieces are in-exchange for advertisement.

Auspicious Archetypes: While archetypes are not actually present in the core mechanics, many characters are built with a specific archetype in mind. Auspicious Archetypes presents a specific archetype for PC or NPC use through detailed description of what the archetype is. This includes a basic archetype template, new Hindrances and Edges to better flavor that archetype, descriptions on how that archetype fits within different genres, a fleshed out NPC, and at least one savage tale for quick play.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Character Gallery: Characters are everywhere during game-play in the form of PCs, NPCs, and Extras. Sometimes a GM needs an NPC quickly or maybe a group wants a pre-generated PC. Each Character Gallery delves into a single character and presents them in multiple formats including pre-generated PC and two different ranks as an NPC. Additionally, each Character Gallery provides a list of all Extras associated with the NPC (where applicable) and contains a collection of adventure hooks or a couple Savage Tales.

[Word Count: 1,200 – 3,400 | $10 – $25 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Divine Intervention: Religion is prevalent in many settings throughout almost every genre, and can play as big of a role in the setting as the GM and player’s desire. Divine Intervention is a regular discussion about different aspects of religion from an historical and gaming aspect. – Column Owner: Charles White of Fabled Environments

[Word Count: 1,200 – 3,400 | $10 – $25 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Equipment Corral: Characters need equipment, often necessary for survival. Equipment Corral takes a new piece of equipment and presents it in a balanced way across multiple setting and genre types.

[Word Count: 400 | $5 + $10 for illustration if provided]

Esoteric Orders: Many settings and genres incorporate the use of secret societies, government groups, or special factions. Esoteric Orders delves into the description and details of a single group for use across any setting within a specific genre. This includes write-ups of all the order’s members, a listing of the order’s location/headquarters, and at least one savage tale for quick play.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Expanded Mechanics: Some core mechanics only handle situational encounters or could use a little more depth to provide additional options during game-play. Expanded Mechanics delves into a particular mechanic and greatly expands upon it by providing alternate uses or additions to make it more comprehensive.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Game Prep: A great role-playing game is as much about the storyline as it is the time and effort the GM puts into it beforehand. Game Prep is an article series for the beloved GM by presenting tips, tactics, options, ideas, and whatever else may be useful to a GM for preparing, setting up, and running their games.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Great Adventures: Role-playing games are all about the experience of going on an adventure or running through a scenario, allowing the players to lead the story and determine its ultimate ending. Great Adventures are flagship articles presenting standalone adventures. If submitted by a licensee, it can be placed within their setting, otherwise it is setting agnostic.

[Word Count: 1,600 – 22,000 | Developed in-house or submitted in exchange for advertising (3-5 pages = quarter-page ad | 5-10 pages = half-page ad | 10-20 pages = full-page ad | 20-30 pages = inside cover)]

Mechanics Wise: At the heart of every role-playing game is the mechanics that power the system and keep the action moving forward. Mechanics Wise is a discussion of a single mechanic of Savage Worlds (such as a particular skill or situational rule) and how to better use it across different setting and genre types.

[Word Count: 1,200 – 2,000 | $10 – $15 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Mini Spotlight: Miniatures are an integral part of Savage Worlds combat and locating the right one can be difficult.  Miniature Spotlight displays a grouping of miniatures that can be used with various or a particular Savage Worlds licensed setting or series, as noted in the spotlight.

[Word Count: 1,200 – 3,400 | $10 – $25 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Product Spotlight: Fans and potential fans love to learn more about the settings or products produced for Savage Worlds. Product Spotlight is a series of small articles that highlight specific products through review of preview (previews from the IP owner only). Product Spotlights are excellent ways to share a bit more about the products in circulation.

[Word Count: 400 – 1,200 | No commission as it is either fan-based or licensee promotion.]

Racial Profiling: Although the core mechanics are designed for humans, many settings incorporate different races into their games to represent the uniqueness of the world. Racial Profiling not only presents a new race with a racial template but also provides new Hindrances and Edges, includes at least one NPC, presents ideas on how to incorporate that race into different genres, and gives at least one savage tale for quick play.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Random Encounters: Battlemaps are an excellent visual tool for games when the action begins. Random Encounters revolve around a specific battlemap and the various encounters involved. This includes a write-up leading to the encounter, a bit of fluff regarding the important character(s), and all applicable NPCs and Extras.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Surveyed: Many settings incorporate given locations as a basis for adventures or as a plot point to a campaign. Surveyed details a single city, town, village, or fortification and all the important people that inhabit it along with presenting a number of adventure hooks or a couple savage tales.

[Word Count: 2,000 – 5,600 | $15 – $35 + $20 for illustration if provided]

Non-category Submissions: Not all submissions will fit into one of the aforementioned categories. Those wishing to make a submission outside of the listed categories are welcome to send us a one-page pitch for that must include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Brief overview
  2. Purpose (Why would someone be interested in this content?)
  3. Full description
  4. Estimated word count

Advertising: The new Savage Insider has a number of advertising slots available for anyone related to Savage Worlds and its community. Advertisements can be full color and must be 300dpi and submitted in JPG, TIF, or PNG format. Descriptions and cost are listed as follows (we reserve the right to limit the number of advertisements per issue):

Full-page Back Cover                                      $200

Full-page Inside Front Cover                       $150

Full-page Interior                                             $100

Half-page Interior                                            $50

Quarter-page Interior                                    $25

***A 25% discount is offered for booking multi-issue advertisements***

All articles submitted for Savage Insider become the property of and are copyright © Mystical Throne Entertainment for the purpose of publication within the agreed upon issue. The copyright © of all licensed material is retained by the licensee with the acknowledgement that the submitted content cannot be republished by Mystical Throne Entertainment or the licensee.

Savage Worlds licensees and supporters are welcome to make submissions commensurate to the cost of an advertisement. In this case all commissions are waved and the advertisement is offered for free. Submissions to Savage Insider may be written for one of Mystical Throne Entertainment’s non-Shadowed Earth settings (i.e. Mercenary Breed and Ancient World).

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