Throne Report – February 11, 2023


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Aaron T. Huss

General Update
Once upon a time, I had switched from 6×9 to 7×10 for our larger publications to provide more flexibility with layout and sidebar usage. At that time, DriveThruRPG had a middle-tier scale for POD that included the 7×10 books. Fast forward a couple years and DriveThruRPG moved 7×10 from that middle-tier to “Large” and got rid of that middle-tier. This means the POD cost of those books increased by quite a bit. This is when I switched back to 6×9 and 8.5×10. In the past few years, printing costs have risen even more and now those 7×10 books are effectively overpriced. At this time I am considering reformatting those books as 8.5×10, incorporating all errata or edition updates and then republishing. This will significantly reduce the page count, which brings down the printing cost. In fact, I did a quick estimate of the Portsmouth 1745 hardcover and I could probably drop the printing cost by $10 by switching. This is obviously going to take a long time, but I can do it in parallel to new development.

The list includes Portsmouth 1745, Five Points, Mythos, Ancient World, and Mercenary Breed.

Multi-System Supplements
Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Spiritualism is patiently waiting to pick-up development after Little Heroes and Beyond the Firelight are updated. Part of this is because on the How to Guides will be for Shadowed Earth and possibly Beyond the Firelight (at least compatible with). More to come later on this one.

To see the historical timelines captured in our games, visit:

Shadowed Earth
After completing the latest revisions of Judgment Day, I realized how aged the Shadowed Earth core setting guide has become. Not only in layout and formatting and how I write, but more importantly the canon has been filled-in here and there. It’s time for an update of the canon before releasing any new Shadowed Earth settings to ensure the canon is homogeneous across all games. After Beyond the Firelight Deluxe – Revised is completed, I will begin work on Shadowed Earth 2nd Edition.

Chronology Engine
Little Heroes Deluxe – Revised core rulebook revisions are complete and I am extremely happy with the results! My daughters and I have written the framework for five new scenarios, and will be writing a sixth, that will be added to the new core rulebook. The first one is in full development now.

After the core rulebook is done, the Quick-Start Rules will be updated and then Beyond the Firelight will be updated (core rulebook, Quick-Start Rules, and Town of Dover). The best part is this new mechanic is a simple add-on and keeps all previous books 100% compatible! There will be some additional changes to set it apart from Little Heroes as the theme of the two are quite different (family fantasy vs. survival fantasy horror). While both are storytelling games, Little Heroes is meant to be more prescriptive than Beyond the Firelight to help move the game forward for children. Beyond the Firelight needs to be more open to avoid railroading the players.

Entropic Gaming System
There are no updates to our Entropic Gaming System products.

There are no updates to our legacy products. As a reminder, all of our legacy Savage Worlds product come with free SWADE conversion guides.

Roleplayers Chronicle
You can always follow our major product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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