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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

The webstore catalog updates continue. This is a pretty lengthy project, but it’s progressing nicely. I hope to finish before the end of the year. Additionally, we have a new Systematic Adventure – Scavenger Run. This location-based adventure describes an abandoned mall (based on DramaScape’s Ruined Mall map) in a zombie or post-apocalyptic setting for Savage Worlds. Written by A.J. Preece, it can be inserted into existing campaigns, run as a standalone adventure, or used as a launchpad for a new campaign.

No New Updates

There are currently no new updates regarding Little Heroes, Entropic Gaming System, Licensed Settings, Third Party Products, Mythos, Mercenary Breed, and Ancient World.

Ultimate Guides

As of today, the only Ultimate Guides in the queue are updating the Ultimate Medieval Guide: Mongol Empire. Ultimate Characters Guide: Undead has been put on indefinite hold. It might be re-purposed for other means.

Shadowed Earth

Development continues on The Fallen, a Powered by the Apocalypse book placed in Shadowed Earth where players take on the role of one of the members of The Fallen. The book is roughly 80% written.

Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm is on the docket to be revised so that it follows the design of Cryptozoology #02: Otherwordly Beings. That means each entry will be 2 pages instead of 1 and will contain additional information for GMs to incorporate into their encounters. At this time, it looks as though book #03 will cover beings from the Spiritual Realm and book #04 will be undead beings. That is the tentative plan, mostly determined, but a development schedule is currently unknown.

One of our planned upcoming releases is a Pinkertons book. It was planned to be a Savage Worlds book under the Veiled Supplements line, but I’ve since changed my mind. The book has uses for Judgment Day (Savage Worlds and EGS), The Fallen, and even Beyond the Firelight if placed in a modern setting. Instead the book will be a sourcebook with guidance on incorporating it into each Shadowed Earth setting and how to use it outside of Shadowed Earth. No mechanics will be provided, but that’s not really a problem as there really are no new mechanics to provide. Using existing core rulebooks and setting guides, you really have all the mechanics you need. Its just a matter of describing NPCs and how to incorporate the source material into your PCs. As such, it will be a Shadowed Earth: Pinkertons sourcebook instead; one release to cover all uses. This will likely be the norm for all similar Shadowed Earth sourcebooks going forward that delve into subjects that span multiple times / settings / etc.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Savage Insider

New print editions for Savage Insider Issue #10: Make it Epic and Savage Insider Deluxe Issue #1: Modularity are now available. This marks the completion of the 5th anniversary updates for Savage Insider.

On the Distant Horizon

There are a lot of ideas written down for future development. At this time, I don’t know where any of them will land beyond releasing what’s noted above. There are just so many things left to write with the bulk of them being a part of the Shadowed Earth setting. As I make decisions, I will provide more details. However, expect more products supporting other game systems.

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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