Systematic Adventures #04: Scavenger Run (Savage Worlds)


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Author: A.J. Preece
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The community is running low on supplies; they sent out a group to do some scavenging, but they haven’t returned. Hours ago, the group reported coming across an abandoned mall and were going to search it… that was six hours ago. Radio silence is making everyone nervous and they need a new team to find the scavenger group and investigate the mall.

Proceed with extreme caution! Zombies and mutants have been reported in the area.

Scavenger Run is a location-based adventure module usable with any zombie apocalypse or post-apocalyptic setting for Savage Worlds. It can be inserted into an ongoing campaign, run as a standalone adventure, or used as a launching point for a new campaign. It includes a full description of the location, NPCs, and all adversaries.

Scavenger Run utilizes the Ruined Mall map from DramaScape.


Type – RPG Adventure
Authors – A.J. Preece
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – August 18, 2018

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