Systematic Adventures #03: Dogs of War (EGS)


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Over a century ago, the kingdom of Unaya was embroiled in a bitter war with a neighboring nation, Caldar. Though the squabble that started the war soon became forgotten, the war raged on for many years. One of Unaya’s prized weapons in this conflict was its dogs of war – tenacious beasts with a fear-inducing howl and jaws like bear traps. The dogs were trained in a great compound, but little remains of that compound now. That is until you descend the stairs into the labyrinth underground.

Dogs of War is a fantasy adventure for the Entropic Gaming System, suitable for dark fantasy, fantasy horror, and epic fantasy settings. It’s presented as a single location and can be used at various character ranks to better fit into your adventures and campaigns.

Dogs of War is a complete standalone adventure. It only requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook. Additionally, it features 5 new Adversaries and a magical weapon that can be used in any setting!


Type – RPG Adventure
Authors – Brian Reeves
System – Entropic Gaming System
Release Date – December 14, 2014; February 8, 2018

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