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Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are a weird beast. There have been enough true conspiracies out there that we should be inherently skeptical. And it comes from a natural place. Recent studies have suggested that the major reason human brains are so complex has been in order to outsmart other humans. It is in our nature to make sure others do not outsmart us, and we are perpetually locked in this struggle.

Conspiracies can be a powerful tool in role-playing games. They can be used as plot elements, background storylines, hidden puppet masters, side adventures, or the basis for an entire setting. Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Conspiracies takes a look at what makes a conspiracy and explores a number of conspiracies in detail. GMs can use this as a reference to create their own conspiracies or insert one of the included conspiracies into an adventure or campaign. Players can use this as a means of driving their character concepts and fleshing out a character’s background and motivation.

Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Conspiracies includes:

  • An introduction to conspiracies.
  • Over a dozen detailed conspiracies.
  • Character options to fight or embrace conspiracies.
  • A timeline filled with conspiracies.
  • Non-player characters.
  • A sample adventure.
  • A conspiracy building toolkit.
  • … and more!

Whether part of the conspiracy or working against it, the right tools are needed!

Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Conspiracies is a guide for conspiracies primarily set in the Modern Age. Although it does discuss conspiracies dating back to the Middle Ages and how to use conspiracies in other genres, the player content and GM tools are designed for the late 1800s to the present.

Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Conspiracies includes the following How to Use guides for incorporating the source material quickly into your games:

  • Shadowed Earth
  • Savage Worlds (SWADE-compatible)
  • Five Points (a Dark Streets setting)
  • Entropic Gaming System (EGS 2.0)


Type: RPG Sourcebook
Authors: Tyler Omichinski, Aaron T. Huss
System: Entropic Gaming System, Five Points, Savage Worlds
Release Date: March 10, 2017; December 21, 2019

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