Savage Insider Deluxe Issue #1: Modularity


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Savage Insider Premium contained a wealth of Savage Worlds content spanning the genres with much of it useful across multiple settings. During the course of publishing the five issues, a lot of content was extracted and released as standalone products for specific settings, such as Mercenary Breed and Faith & Demons: The Rising. This resulted in a lot of duplicated content.

To remedy this, Mystical Throne Entertainment has decided to compile all non-extracted content from Savage Insider Premium Issues #1 – 5 into a single offering. Thus, we bring to you the first Savage Insider Deluxe issue, filled with the remaining compiled content from Savage Insider Premium Issues #1 – 5 in a single release. The content herein is primarily setting agnostic and can be utilized across multiple settings or within your own homebrew.

Savage Insider Deluxe Issue #1: Modularity contains a wealth of content covering fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. The modular design of Savage Worlds means you can add new mechanics, ignore existing ones, or modify ones to your liking without breaking the system. We embrace this concept in all of our Savage Insider releases and especially exploit that herein.

Savage Insider Deluxe Issue #1: Modularity includes:

Auspicious Archetypes:

  • Cataphract – A shock trooper archetype great for breaking shield walls
  • Engineer – When you need a smith or mechanic, look toward your engineer.
  • Hierophant – As cultic priests, hierophants are knowledged in the ways of the occult.

Expanded Mechanics:

  • Voidlancer – A new look at ship-to-ship space combat with an emphasis on cinematic.

Great Adventures:

  • Community Service – A dark fantasy delve into an abandoned underground temple for Ancient World.
  • Flight of the Fancy – A black powder fantasy adventure with a peek at Dragons of Avalon.
  • Seven Kings of Shambhala – A pulp action adventure into the depths of the Hollow Earth.
  • The Secret of Isla de Monos – A pirate adventure out to an island of secrets.

Racial Profiling:

  • Dhampir – Rule the night with this half-vampire race.
  • The Lokka – Deceive the masses using this shapeshifting race.

Random Encounters:

  • Ritual Room – Find out what secrets are held in this single ritual room.
  • The Ossuary – Can you handle the horrors that dwell in the ossuary?


  • Lord Bane – Enter the domain of Lord Bane and all its chaos.
  • Underhome – Careful of this village and its secrets.


Type – Magazine
Authors – Vickey A. Beaver, Gilbert Gallo, Michael Hansen, Aaron T. Huss, Chris Lites, Curtis Lyon, A.J. Preece, Jeremy Stromberg, The Warden
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – May 21, 2013; July 25, 2018

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