Mystical Throne Entertainment Announces New Line of Gamebooks


SHAKOPEE, MN June 5, 2015 – Mystical Throne Entertainment has started working on a line of solo RPG Gamebooks powered by a simplified version of the Entropic Gaming System called EGS Solo.

Mystical Throne Entertainment is taking its settings and role-playing game supplements to a new level by expanding into the interactive fiction Gamebook market. This move comes after a discussion between Mystical Throne Entertainment’s president Aaron T. Huss and Mythos’s line developer Gilbert Gallo about producing a series of Gamebooks for Mythos. While Gilbert will be working on a Mythos series, other Mystical Throne Entertainment freelancers have expressed interest in producing other Gamebooks as well.

This new series of Gamebooks will be powered by EGS Solo, a simplified version of the Entropic Gaming System designed for easier use as a solitaire role-playing game through interactive fiction. Characters will be fully compatible with the core EGS mechanics with only a few simple conversions to be made. This allows characters to move between the two systems and allows readers to pull equipment from published EGS books for use in a Gamebook.

“I’m very excited that Gilbert approached me about publishing gamebooks,” Aaron T. Huss said. “Not too long ago, I had a discussion about solo RPGs over on our Facebook page and was pleased with the responses. My initial intent had been for Judgment Day, but that was merely a starting point. Gilbert’s interest only furthers the desires to publish this new line.”

EGS Solo will be published under the OGL and the core mechanics will be available as a free download. An abridged version of the mechanics will be featured within each Gamebook, depicting only the pertinent mechanics that apply to that Gamebook. All Gamebooks will be available in PDF, ePub, mobi, and print-on-demand. POD versions will be released via global distribution networks that place them within book and hobby stores worldwide!

About Mystical Throne Entertainment
Mystical Throne Entertainment is an independent publisher owned and operated by Aaron T. Huss. He is the designer of the Entropic Gaming System, designer of the Shadowed Earth multi-era setting, a Savage Worlds licensee, a Legend Third Party Publisher, and the owner of a limited Colonial Gothic license. He is also the president of the Game Publishers’ Guild, a worldwide strategic alliance of game publishers.

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