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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

While releases have slowed down in the past month, work has not. In fact, besides the release of Dial M for Monster by Broken Ruler Games and ScreenPlay, a lot of projects have hit some milestones, which you’ll see below. As a general FYI, the company that made the website template that I used and configured decided they no longer are supporting the work they do. Which is real nice when you pay for something and are told you get free upgrades for life… I guess “life” isn’t really that long. Unfortunately, that means a couple things in the webstore are clunky and although they work, they’re not optimal. I am aware of this and hope to find a new template soon.

Licensed Campaigns

Layout on Five Points (Dark Streets) has been completed. Carlos Torreblanca, who did the amazing character portraits of the Pregenerated Characters in the Judgment Day: Quick Start Guide, has been commissioned for the last three interior pieces and the cover. The cover is an homage to Harper’s Weekly from the 19th century, a magazine/newspaper that saw much circulation in 19th century New York City. I’m very excited for what Carlos is going to put together. Considering how well he captured the Victorian supernatural hunter theme in Judgment Day, this should be awesome!

Ultimate Guides

I’m waste-deep in research for the Ultimate Vikings Guide for Savage Worlds. There’s a lot of fact vs. fiction vs. embellishment vs. theory out there to sift through. I want to get as much fact and theory in to the book as I can and ignore as much fiction and embellishment as possible. This means lots of research, which I actually love! History is one of my passions. I’m taking my time on the research here as the information is quite scattered about. Apparently, we don’t actually know that much about the Norsemen of Scandinavia in terms of facts. Much of it was speculation or secondhand observation. By doing more research, I can concentrate on information that agrees and disregard that which is conflicts with other information.

Entropic Gaming System

Entropic Heroes: Fantasy is editing which will wrap-up this weekend. The book will then be put in line for layout likely after Beyond the Firelight: Goody Eleanor (the Quick-Start Rules book). The reason for this is the the latter will be a much faster layout than the former one. That and I need to go through the edits before layout begins.

Shadowed Earth

Beyond the Firelight: Goody Eleanor is currently in editing in the hands of all-star developer Todd Crapper from Broken Ruler Games. Not only is Todd an ENnie-nominated author, but him and I have bounced ideas off for this project and another. I greatly value his opinion and he’s great with mechanics! I expect this Quick-Start Rules book to be available in time for Halloween. Oh, and the artwork is in the hands of Andrew DeFelice who’s worked on previous Shadowed Earth products including some of the awesome pieces found in the Cryptozoology #01: Chaos Realm. The core rulebook is in the early stages of development, mostly waiting for feedback on editing of the Quick-Start Rules.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Ancient World

No new developments for Ancient World at this time. I’m not sure what will be coming down the pipeline for it as there are other books in line. I plan on doing a series of locale sourcebooks though to further detail the locations in the core setting guide, but I don’t know when.

Little Heroes

Little Heroes: The Lost Faery was part of the Beyond the Firelight playtest as the two utilize the same base mechanics. Although no feedback was received, I’ve been playing this game with my two little girls (4 and 7) who absolutely love it! They are great for development! The book is currently on editing hold until editing on Goody Eleanor is done as the updates there will be mimicked in The Lost Faery. When editing is done, the Quick-Start Rules will be released and followed-up with the core rulebook. Additionally, my 7-year old has been my partner lately and helping me write new Scenarios. When The Lost Faery goes live, we’ll have at least two free Scenarios to download, probably more. The core rulebook is in the early stages of development, mostly waiting for feedback on Goody Eleanor.


No new developments for Mythos. Line developer and IP-owner Gilbert Gallo is currently busy working on other projects that are actually Mythos related.

Broken Ruler Games

Broken Ruler Games has just released the first “treatment” for ScreenPlay called Dial M for Monster. This is self-contained rulebook utilizes the ScreenPlay mechanics but takes place within the confines of cinematic horror such as what you would find at a 1950s drive-in movie theater. It’s kind of that lighthearted side of horror, just in time for Halloween. The PDF is available now and POD should be available soon. You can follow all updates and announcements at

Roleplayers Chronicle

New additions to the database have been put on hold while I clean up some recently changed links. I have to scrub the entire database again, but this one won’t take nearly as long.

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