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Aaron T. Huss

General Update
Some deep thinking has occurred in the past couple days that will result in some changes to plans going forward.

Multi-System Supplements
The next new book, writing is in process, will be Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Spiritualism. Similar to Tabletop Gaming Guide to: Psionics, Spiritualism will focus on getting more out of your spirit magic spellcasters. It will be released with How to Guides for SWADE and EGS 2.0 but not Legend as it already has a Spirit Magic supplement. It might get a Shadowed Earth guide (with Chronology Engine mechanics) as shamans are an integral part of the canon. Research has started and the bulk of the notes have been taken. The book should finish-up writing and editing this year and is targeting a 2023 release.

To see the historical timelines captured in our games, visit:

Shadowed Earth
Judgment Day core rulebook for EGS 2.0 is moving along nicely. It will be an all-in-one game that doesn’t require any other books to play. After that a Quick-Start Guide will be assembled and released first as a preview of the core rulebook.

Chronology Engine
Here’s the big change… After really digging into the concepts of the upcoming Antiquity and many other Shadowed Earth products I have planned, I don’t want to create games that focus on mechanics; I want to create games that focus on the story. These settings are history-rich and filled with great storytelling opportunities. They are not overly-influenced by fantasy or sci-fi or even the supernatural and thus wouldn’t really work well with Powered by the Apocalypse. As such, they will be developed as standalone storytelling games powered by adaptations of the Chronology Engine.

Here’s the catch… I was reading through Little Heroes again and realized it’s not structured the best way and gets too wordie for a rules-light, storytelling game. With that in mind, revised versions of Beyond the Firelight and Little Heroes will be published while I sort out how I want to improve this rules set. One of the biggest changes will be that the rules chapter will be split into two chapters – the first chapter will be just the basics while the second will be the advice for getting more out of the game or creating your own scenarios. Additionally, I will be stripping back Little Heroes so that all “parent” details will be in the sidebars to keep the bulk of the text kid-friendly.

This change in direction is very exciting as I have a lot of fun settings I want to develop and producing them as PbtA would make them too complex. I don’t think this industry needs more overly-complex games; especially as none of these settings are really meant to be campaign-oriented.

Entropic Gaming System
There are no updates to our Entropic Gaming System products.

There are no updates to our legacy products. As a reminder, all of our legacy Savage Worlds product come with free SWADE conversion guides.

Roleplayers Chronicle
You can always follow our major product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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