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The Olympians have spoken and you are to join the ranks of heroes and heroines involved in the Heavenly Contest! The Olympian deities are in a race to find the successor to Zeus’s throne, with the successor acquiring the greatest number of followers. But the gods and goddesses are quite busy, and to shine their light upon the mortals of Hellas requires intervention of a divine scale. Heroic deeds are a must if one is to prove themselves worthy for the gratification of Olympus and the pursuit of seeing their patron deity rise to rulership! Are you strong, brave, and smart enough for the challenge? We will see how you fair against the great beasts of Hellas and the heroes and heroines who support your rival deity. This is the Heavenly Contest. This is Mythos!

The Quick Start Guide presents a Novice-level adventure, The Argonauts’ Legend, for use with the epic action and adventure setting, Mythos, for Savage Worlds. It also contains five pre-generated characters and all the mechanics necessary to use those characters with Savage Worlds without the need of the Core Setting Guide or Player’s Guide. This is a great way to introduce players and GMs to the Mythos setting, along with providing current fans with a full adventure module.

The mighty hero Jason is preparing to set sails on the ship Argo, but Poseidon is preventing him from doing so. The only solution is to seek the aid of Orpheus to appease Poseidon and the dangerous waves to allow the ship to leave port. However, Orpheus is in Hades’ Realm, and it’s up to the heroic PCs to delve into the underground and bring him back. Getting there may be the easy part; getting out may not be so easy.

Inside the Quick Start Guide you will find:

  • An introduction to the mechanics of the Mythos setting.
  • A sample of three patron deities from Greek Mythology.
  • The complete The Argonauts’ Legend adventure module.
  • Five pre-generated characters for quick play.
  • New NPCs not found in the Core Setting Guide.

Praise for the Mythos Core Setting Guide:

“Overall, this is a very clever setting with some interesting sub-rules for bennies, gods, and how it all ties together. Even if you do not want to play in a Greek-inspired setting, much of the book will be an major gain to any fantasy campaign.” – 5 out of 5 stars – Scott W @ RPGNow.

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SKU – MYL10909
Category – RPG Adventure
Authors – Gilbert Gallo
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – December 3, 2013; August 6, 2016


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