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Aaron T. Huss

General Update

This month has focused heavily on revisions and unreleased EGS versions of Ultimate Guides books. And there’s a lot more coming…

No New Updates

There are currently no new updates regarding Entropic Gaming System, Licensed Settings, Third Party Products, Ancient World, Systematic Supplements, and d100 products. Although these product lines have books in the “title brainstorming” category, there are no announcements to be shared at this time. When one of those books enters the planning queue, you’ll find out about it in our Throne Report.

Ultimate Guides

The big update here is that Ultimate Dark Ages Guide: Vikings is now available for both the Entropic Gaming System and Savage Worlds in PDF and paperback. This is a very exciting release as its a new Ultimate Guides book that I researched extensively to write.

Other than the Vikings book, lots of other Ultimate Guides are seeing the final release of EGS versions along with the start of revisions. A couple of those EGS versions were already released, but this past month saw Ultimate Medieval Guide: Feudal Japan and Ultimate Antebellum Guide: Five Points for EGS. Additionally, revisions for Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Roman Legions are being rolled out with Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Three Kingdoms Guide revisions following behind it. Both EGS and Savage Worlds versions are being updated, while the Legend versions are being removed from availability. As for new ones, there are none in the queue yet, but rather more revisions and expansions.

Shadowed Earth

Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings is still in development. A lot of progress has been made and these entries are coming together quite well. When I’m done writing them, they’ll be sent off for editing and artwork.

The first of the Veiled PDFs are coming through the revision queue. The updates to The Burning Crow and Of Orchids and Oaths are already on RPGNow and will appear on this website soon.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online content and the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Little Heroes

Magical Bracelet, a quick Scenario playable in about an hour, is in final development. This is another storyline written by my daughter Harper and I’m adding the final content. Like the other, this will be PWYW at RPGNow.

Savage Insider

Savage Insider Issue #7: End of Days will be available on January 1 to mark its 5th anniversary.


Mythos has a new big release coming up – Mythos: Companion. This is not a new release though as it is instead a compilation of Battle of Thermopylae, Wine and Blood, and Queen of the Labyrinth. Those three releases will be pulled from availability and instead this single book will replace them. This book will be laid-out as a single book, not three individual books, and will round-out the Mythos product line – Core Setting Guide (with Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering available separately), Quick Start Guide, and Companion.

Broken Ruler Games

The High Plains Samurai Kickstarter successfully wrapped up. Development is ongoing with continued playtest feedback being worked in.

You can follow all updates and announcements at

Roleplayers Chronicle

You can always follow our product release announcements over at Roleplayers Chronicle.

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