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Aaron T. Huss

Mercenary Breed 2.0

Right now, Mercenary Breed consumed about 90% of my time. The Mercenary’s Handbook for Savage Worlds has been uploaded to RPGNow for PDF and POD with a Standard Color proofing copy ordered. Once this is approved, I’ll pull together the Premium Color files and upload those. Mercenary’s Handbook is being used as my test dummy for all the other books. Writing on Galaxy Guide is almost complete. The only thing left is the Savage Tales collection being written by Curtis Lyon. Xenopedia is finishing up editing and layout has started. The Legend edition is in playtest starting with the full Mercenary’s Handbook and a handful of Xenopedia entries. I’ve started pulling together the files for Perilous Journey #16: Mission Beta. I’ve also started translating Perilous Journey #15: Mission Alpha to Legend. I’m hoping to release this with the core setting guides. The entire Hastilion Expanse campaign will be available for Savage Worlds and Legend. Lots to do and it’s amazing how much as been completed!

Colonial Gothic: New World

Perilous Journey #2: Great Island is in editing. I’ve commissioned Andrew to put together the cover artwork and love the results. This is still slated for an April release and so far we’re on track. The third book is in the early stages of planning.

Savage Insider

Savage Insider #10: Make it Epic is now available in PDF and Print-on-Demand. It was released about a week early as the proofing copy looked good. The POD is Standard Color softcover, and I’m happy with the color compared to greyscale. As a reminder, Issue #11 will be coming from Obatron Productions with the appointment of Vickey as Editor-in-Chief.

Ultimate Guides

The first new Ultimate Guide for this year has been turned in for editing. Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide takes a look at the rein of the Khans (as in Genghis Khan, et al) during the Middle Ages. This is a pretty cool book as it discusses a part of history that gets quite neglected in the RPG world. No updates on the Ultimate Knights Templar Guide or Ultimate Characters Guide. The former is being written by Charles White and the latter by myself, but I’m quite deep in Mercenary Breed right now and this may wait a month.


Gilbert Gallo, designer of Mythos, turned in a cool adventure module for Mythos set during the time of the 300 movies. Battle of Thermopylae was released yesterday and is an affordable adventure for Veteran heroes. See if your heroes can change the tide of battle and save all of Hellas!

Shadowed Earth

Shadowed Earth is a bit quiet at the moment. I’m still hoping to pull together a short story anthology for this year, but we’ll see how it goes. Otherwise Judgment Day 2.0 is in the earliest stages of planning as I put together an outline for the new core setting guides: Inquisitor’s Guide, Malleus Incognitus, and Cryptozoology. Judgment Day will also grab the next Perilous Journey, unless someone pitches one otherwise to me, tentatively called Darkness Falls.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I posted a review for Acthung! Cthulhu: Inquisitor’s Guide yesterday and will eventually post the review for the Keeper’s Guide too. I’m hoping to get my Malifaux RPG book soon and plan on tearing into that!

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