Throne Report – December 7, 2013


Throne Report is Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter to discuss all things related to Mystical Throne Entertainment and Savage Insider. This includes all products being published or sponsored by Mystical Throne Entertainment and highlights of products being developed by Savage Insider’s development team.

Throne-Report-Newsletter-BannerGreetings one and all and welcome to the latest Throne Report, Mystical Throne Entertainment’s irregular online newsletter that will be posted on the weekends. This online newsletter is meant to keep all our fans informed about what we’re working on, what’s been released, important announcements, and a look at what’s coming up.

Aaron T. Huss

Colonial Gothic: New World

Editing on all but the fiction for Perilous Journey #1: Portsmouth is complete. Layout has been started as I’m still playtesting the module and viewing it that way gives me a sense of how it’s coming together. I’ve already outlined Perilous Journey #2: Great Island and will start writing this coming week.

Savage Insider

I’ve already started editing submissions for Savage Insider #10: Make it Epic. There are still more to be received and edited.

Ultimate Guides

The latest ultimate guide Ultimate Pirates, Privateers, and Plunder Guide is available in PDF from the MTE Webstore, Paizo, and RPGNow while print-on-demand versions are available from RPGNow. This latest ultimate guide for Savage Worlds takes you on a trip through the Age of Sail.


This past week we released the Mythos: Quick Start Guide which contains a new adventure, The Argonauts’ Legend, pre-generated characters, and all the mechanics necessary to utilizes those characters without needing the full Core Setting Guide. Although this is just a taste of Mythos, it does provide a full adventure and all the mechanics you need to start play immediately. Better yet, it’s available for Pay What You Want from RPGNow.

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth core setting guide is now fully available in PDF and print-on-demand. Additionally, the first novella, Box of Blades, is available in PDF. The print-on-demand edition of the novella has been slightly delayed due to a layout issue that I needed to fix. You can get the PDF from our webstore, or the PDF/ePub/mobi from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

Roleplayers Chronicle

Reviews have been few and far between as our regular review “staff” has gone mostly quiet. However, articles are still showing up and I plan on doing a Featured Product of EPOCH after I finish the last Mistborn book (I just can’t read anything else until it’s finished, because it’s just that good!).

Roleplayers Chronicle Reference

I’ve started working on whatever needs revising in order of date. This seems to be a bit easier right now. Right now that includes Wizards of the Coast, Raging Swan Press, and Atlas Games.

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