The Land of Mythological Greece for the Entropic Gaming System


MYL40902CoverMystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce that the full suite of core books of the Mythos setting for the Entropic Gaming System are now available in PDF. This suite of books provides customers with different buying options.

First, you can pick-up the entire core setting guide in one book in Mythos (EGS). This book contains both player and GM content in one offering. The full color PDF is a single download while the printer-friendly PDFs are the individual PDFs from Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering.

Second, players can pick-up the Hero’s Handbook for creating characters. This book contains all the player content from the core setting guide in a cost reduced offering. It comes in a full color PDF and a printer-friendly, black-and-white PDF.

Third, if you only want the setting material with the mythological bestiary, you can pick-up Epic Gamemastering. This presents a guide to Ancient Greece and creatures from mythology and history for use outside of Mythos. For those who purchase the Hero’s Handbook and wish to upgrade by adding Epic Gamemastering, send us a message for a 50% off coupon.

Fourth, the full core setting guide will be available in a full color hardcover while the other two will be available in black-and-white softcovers. A bundle will be offered for the two softcover books to grab them both at a discounted price in print! Watch for these printed versions in April.

Finally, don’t forget to download the Mythos character sheet with a few additions to accommodate some of the new mechanics.

The Olympians have spoken and you are to join the ranks of heroes and heroines involved in the Heavenly Contest! The Olympian deities are in a race to find the successor to Zeus’s throne, with the successor acquiring the greatest number of followers. But the gods and goddesses are quite busy, and to shine their light upon the mortals of Hellas requires intervention of a divine scale. Heroic deeds are a must if one is to prove themselves worthy for the gratification of Olympus and the pursuit of seeing their patron deity rise to rulership! Are you strong, brave, and smart enough for the challenge? We will see how you fair against the great beasts of Hellas and the heroes and heroines who support your rival deity. This is the Heavenly Contest. This is Mythos!

In Mythos, you assume the role of a demigod or devoted human of the gods and goddesses of Olympus in a heroic mythological representation of Ancient Greece. Heroes and heroines join in the Heavenly Contest to prove their worth to the deities and spread the word of their patron deity to the mortals of Hellas, in hopes of raising their patron deity to the Olympus throne. Heroes and heroines come from all walks of life, representing their patron deity as adventurers, fighters, hoplites, Olympic athletes, courtesans, sages, and rogues. Through affiliations with deific cults and Mystery Cults, they gain access to great powers and follow the strands of Fate as they travel Hellas in search of their next, grand performance.

Inside the Hero’s Handbook you will find:

  • An introduction to mythological Ancient Greece and the Heavenly Contest
  • The demigod Background
  • Divine Qualities
  • Mystery Cults Talents
  • A collection of patron deities from Greek Mythology
  • Everything a player needs to create characters in Mythos.
  • … and more!

Hero’s Handbook is not a standalone setting and requires the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook. GMs will also need Epic Gamemastering.

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