Mystical Throne Entertainment Announces Savage Worlds Campaign Series Perilous Journey



Aaron T. Huss
Mystical Throne Entertainment

Mystical Throne Entertainment Announces Savage Worlds Campaign Series Perilous Journey

SHAKOPEE, MN SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is pleased to officially announce the development of a new campaign series of books for Savage Worlds called Perilous Journey. Each campaign series contains 6 modules and include campaign adventure material, source content, fiction, and a collection of adversaries for additional encounters.

The first Perilous Journey series was voted on by the Savage Worlds community and chosen as a near-future space opera campaign. Mystical Throne Entertainment’s president and Savage Insider Editor-in-Chief Aaron T. Huss will be managing the project while writing and development will be led by regular Mystical Throne Entertainment freelancers Curtis and Sarah Lyon. Funding for the first Perilous Journey will be done through Kickstarter and if successful, will include a host of freelancer writers, artists, editors, and cartographers to present a complete, setting agnostic campaign series that only utilizes the core Savage Worlds rulebooks.

The Kickstarter campaign is expected to launch in February 2013 with the first book scheduled to release in June 2013. If funding is successful for additional books through the Kickstarter campaign, they will become available every 1-2 months after the release of the first book. Additional details and development will come available in November or December.


Mystical Throne Entertainment is the publishing and creative outlet for Aaron T. Huss, is supported by a network of freelance writers and editors, and is a Savage Worlds licensee publishing unique settings and the Savage Insider magazine.


Curtis and Sarah Lyon are regular freelance writers and editors for Mystical Throne Entertainment, Savage Mojo, and Gun Metal Games along with being the new owners of Three Sages Games.

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