Faith & Demons: The Rising Preview #4


Continuing my weekly series of previews for the upcoming Faith & Demons: The Rising core rulebook, a plot point setting for Savage Worlds, here’s an extract from Spellcasting.


All powers are usable within the Faith & Demons: The Rising setting including the following change to the Savage Worlds core rulebook entry.


Smite gains the following addition to its entry:

Throughout the duration of the spell, the effected weapon’s attacks are considered magical.

New Powers

The following powers are new to Faith & Demons: The Rising.


        Rank: Veteran
Power Points: 3/Skeleton
Range: Smarts
Duration: Special
Trappings: Drawing symbols, creating energy field, bone pile
This power, like zombie, is known by cultists and strong undead creatures.
Animate transforms piles of bones into an animated skeleton specified by the character. The skeleton is under the direction of the caster, although it lacks all forms of human intelligence.
Skeletons cannot be summoned by this ability; the pile of bones must be present before it can be animated. With a success, the skeleton remains animated for 1 hour. With a raise, it remains animated for 1d6 hours. With two raises, it remains animated for an entire day. Use the standard skeleton statistics from the bestiary. The caster can animate multiple skeletons upon casting up to a maximum dictated by his available power points.

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