Mercenary Breed Expanded Edition Now Available


The Expanded Edition of the Mercenary Breed core setting guide has been released in PDF format. A print-on-demand version will be available sometime later this month.

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Mercenary Breed is a space opera sandbox setting where inter-planetary corporations employ mercenaries to enforce laws and enact justice against those who perform oppositional activities.

No matter what kind of sci-fi action and adventure experience you’re looking for, it’s all possible with Mercenary Breed. The core setting guide gives you the base tools and framework necessary to create a extraordinary setting of your own filled with creatures sourcing from the imagination of the players. Mercenary Breed is meant to be interactive and social along with being fun, fast, and flexible.

Inside the Mercenary Breed core setting guide you will find:

  • Tools to create new races, home worlds, corporations, bestiary, and missions
  • Mechanics to support interactive creation between the players and the GM
  • A sandbox setting ready to be populated
  • Four playable races including three racial backgrounds
  • Two usable corporations
  • Two usable home worlds
  • Fifteen new adversaries
  • Three fleshed-out Savage Tales

The Expanded Edition contains:

  • Additional adversaries (compared to original edition)
  • Full equipment list
  • Savage Tales maps
  • Completely revised tool-kits
  • Expanded content
  • A Print-on-Demand friendly layout

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