Entropic Gaming System Open Beta Playtest Update #2


MYL40001 EGS OBPTOkay, so this isn’t the second update to the playtest packet, but I’ve been neglecting to post the updates here. So, I’ll make sure to catch things up a bit.

The Open Beta playtest is going incredibly well. I’ve received oodles of fantastic feedback. The recently released V5.0 packet is THE most stable playtest packet to date. So much so that the V5.1 doesn’t contain that many updates. I’m very happy with how the mechanics are coming together and I’m very happy with the decision to go back to the 2-dice Skill Roll mechanics.

Without rehashing the V4.0 updates, I’m going to skip ahead to what was changed for V5.0.

(1) Continued working on the Gamemastering chapter.
(2) Cleaned up errors in Super Science and the Arts.
(3) Cleaned up errors in Equipment.
(4) Cleaned up errors in Character Creation.
(5) Cleaned up errors in Game System.
(6) Cleaned up errors in Adversaries.
(7) Cleaned up the Scientist entry.
(8) Added more options for Hero Points.
(9) Changed Initiative to Dexterity + Perception (+ Acrobatics).
(10) Added Speed penalties to Encumbrance limits.
(11) Added Speed penalties to heavy armor.
(12) Added an example for the Health Track.
(13) Added the properties of diseases and poisons.
(14) Added the Magnitude (Rank) property for Talents.
(15) Changed “Character Creation” to just “Characters”.
(16) Further clarified starting basic armor.
(17) Cleaned up errors in Introduction.
(18) Cleaned up some combat actions and maneuvers.
(19) Went back to the 2-dice system.
(20) Decreased the base Target Number to 7.
(21) Removed armor from Defense and added it to Health as the Armor Track.
(22) Further clarified the Fear Dice Pool against two or more adversaries with a Fear Rating.
(23) Adjusted the armor rating scale.
(24) Moved the parry combination to the Characters chapter.
(25) Removed the dodge combination from the Game System chapter as it already appears in the Characters chapter.

I’d also like to take this time to make some announcements about the first products to be powered by the Entropic Gaming System.

  1. The Mercenary Breed Xenopedia is being converted to EGS. Ties to Mercenary Breed are being removed and it will be presented as just a sci-fi bestiary, carrying the title Xenopedia.
  2. The Shadowed Earth core setting guide is being revised to mention its ties to the Entropic Gaming System. This is very minor as no mechanics exist in that book. It’s simply meant to bring the two together.
  3. Judgment Day 2nd Edition is being written as an EGS-powered setting. This is a complete overhaul of the original Judgment Day for Savage Worlds (although a Savage Worlds 2nd Edition will also be released) and will be tied to Shadowed Earth, as it’s meant to be. This includes 3 different eras to play inquisitors in: Crusades, Victorian era, and current day.
  4. A modern fantasy horror bestiary, placed in the context of Shadowed Earth, is being written as an EGS-powered supplement. Titled Cryptozoology, this bestiary is designed for use with Judgment Day and future Shadowed Earth settings placed after the Crusades.
  5. The currently available Shadow Journals will be revised for EGS, Shadowed Earth, and Judgment Day and released as new supplements under the new series titles “Veiled Adventures” and “Veiled Supplements” and possibly “Veiled Threats”.
  6. I’m considering doing a conversion of Mercenary Breed. If I do, it will be a single core setting guide instead of the Mercenary’s Handbook + Galaxy Guide. It will also be streamlined a bit.
  7. Eventually, Faith & Demons: The Rising 2nd Edition will be written as an EGS-powered setting. The bestiary will be completely stripped out as will the campaign. This 2nd Edition will contain a significantly new direction for Faith & Demons: The Rising. The setting will be centered on Constantinople and the campaign will be contained within a setting & campaign book called Byzantium.This 2nd Edition will most likely also be released in a Savage Worlds version.
  8. A Dark Ages fantasy horror bestiary, placed in the context of Shadowed Earth, will be written as an EGS-powered supplement. Titled Mythic Bestiary, this bestiary will be designed for use with Faith & Demons: The Rising, the Crusades period of Judgment Day, and a future Shadowed Earth setting centered on The Fall (see Shadowed Earth Online here for more about The Fall.)
  9. An EGS-powered 2nd Edition of Ancient World is planned. This will be a significant revision too, but I’m not sure if a Savage Worlds version will be produced.
  10. A dark fantasy bestiary will be written as an EGS-powered supplement. Titled Dark Bestiary, this bestiary will be suitable for dark fantasy and fantasy horror settings and will be used within the Ancient World setting.

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