Faith & Demons: The Rising Preview #5 – Religion


Continuing my weekly series of previews for the upcoming Faith & Demons: The Rising core rulebook, a plot point setting for Savage Worlds, here’s an extract from Religion.


Archangels are the highest rank of all angels. There are a total of seven archangels.


Gabriel is an archangel and the messenger of the Christian God. He is often tasked with delivering messages from God to the people and from the people to God.

  • Aspects: Messenger, prophecy, truth.
  • Duties: Spread the word of Christianity across the land, sharing stories of the prophets who have spoken to God.
  • Sins: (Minor) Not sharing Christianity with another. (Major) Disallowing one to learn of Christianity. (Mortal) Stopping the word of God from being spread across the land.


Michael is an archangel and the commander of the Army of God. He led this army against Satan’s forces during the uprising. He carries a spear in his right hand and leads the fight against heresy.

  • Aspects: Crusade, morals, chivalry.
  • Duties: Lead the fight against heresy and those who actively seek to destroy Christianity.
  • Sins: (Minor) Not passing judgment against a heretic. (Major) Allowing one to succumb to one of the Princes of Hell. (Mortal) Allowing one influenced by the Princes of Hell to combat Christianity.

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