Development Continues


Now that Gen Con is over, I can get back to finishing up Mercenary Breed. In addition, Vickey will be finalizing the definition of what articles we’re looking for with Savage Insider issue #2 and I can get a move on with my submissions. I’m putting together an article title “What’s in a genre” focusing on what makes up a genre and how we apply them to our games.

I’m hoping to have Mercenary Breed ready for playtest before the end of this month, although the amount of time required will be short. This is a small mini-setting and much of it won’t require lengthy playtesting. In addition, I will be releasing a series of free downloads available only on the website to give players some material to use for quick game play. This will include 6 pre-generated characters along with new home worlds and races. Future releases like this will be available within standard issue releases of the magazine, but these are meant to coincide with the release of the core setting guide.

Thanks for your patience and keep an eye out for the playtest package soon!

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