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Broken Ruler Games Moves to Fly Beneath Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Banner

SHAKOPEE, MN January 13, 2015 – Broken Ruler Games, publisher of the ENnie Award winning Killshot, is moving from independent publisher to development house, handing over publishing and marketing to Mystical Throne Entertainment. The Warden, president of Broken Ruler Games and designer of Killshot, recently announced a move from publishing to develop to better embrace […] Read More

Adventure Game Publishers Team-up to Form the Game Publishers’ Guild

SHAKOPEE, MN December 29, 2014 – A group of independent tabletop RPG publishers have formed a strategic alliance called the Game Publishers’ Guild to extend their reach into the industry. The Game Publishers’ Guild (the Guild) has officially been chartered by founding publishers Arcanum Syndicate, Cakebread & Walton, DramaScape, Imaginary Empire, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Rogue […] Read More

Mystical Throne Entertainment Unleashes the Entropic Gaming System Roleplaying Game

SHAKOPEE, MN December 10, 2014 – After a very successful Open Beta Playtest, Mystical Throne Entertainment has released the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook to cover all tabletop roleplaying genres and subgenres. The Entropic Gaming System is the newest set of tabletop roleplaying base mechanics designed to embrace the standard needs of all genres. It’s […] Read More

Entropic Gaming System Open Beta Playtest Update #2

Entropic Gaming System Open Beta Playtest Update #2

Okay, so this isn’t the second update to the playtest packet, but I’ve been neglecting to post the updates here. So, I’ll make sure to catch things up a bit. The Open Beta playtest is going incredibly well. I’ve received oodles of fantastic feedback. The recently released V5.0 packet is THE most stable playtest packet […] Read More

Entropy Roleplaying Game Update #1

I’m absolutely elated over how many people have downloaded the Open Beta playtest packet and already provided feedback. Because I received so much valuable feedback, I went ahead and made yesterday the first Friday update with the second update most likely coming on Friday, August 15. Here’s a look at what changed from V1.0 to […] Read More

Mystical Throne Entertainment Launches New RPG System Open Beta Playtest

SHAKOPEE, MN JULY 30, 2014 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of their Open Beta playtest for their new tabletop RPG system – Entropy. Entropy has been in development for the better part of the past two years with a much more aggressive development coming in the past six months after […] Read More

Want to Win Free Mystical Throne Entertainment Products?

Mystical Throne Entertainment is once again participating in the annual Great Indie RPG Giveaway, sponsored by Roleplayers Chronicle. This year’s entries include copies of Ancient World, Shadowed Earth, Box of Blades, and Mythos. As a special contribution, all six of our new Mercenary Breed books (Savage Worlds and Legend) are being included as are six […] Read More

Announcement Regarding the New World Perilous Journey Campaign

After developing the first three books of the New World Perilous Journey campaign for Colonial Gothic, it’s come to my attention that the current publication model doesn’t make sense. The current publication model calls for 14 books with each one containing four sections: campaign, bestiary, sourcebook, and fiction. However, after writing, dividing these sections across […] Read More

Mercenary Breed 2.0 is Now Available

After over 6 months of development, the 2nd edition of Mercenary Breed is now available! This massive expansion and revision of the original Mercenary Breed takes the original mini-setting and explodes it into a full-blown setting complete with toolkits to fill it out. Some may call it a sandbox, but we call it the ultimate […] Read More

Mercenary Breed Legend Edition Playtest Kick-off

The first playtest packet for the Legend edition of Mercenary Breed is now available. This first packet covers most of the Mercenary’s Handbook including the following: New skills Character traits Xeno templates (sci-fi backgrounds) Professions Random Xeno Generator Introduction to Mercenary Breed Ranged weapons Melee weapons New combat maneuvers Mundane equipment Information on creating a […] Read More


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