Entropy Roleplaying Game Update #1


I’m absolutely elated over how many people have downloaded the Open Beta playtest packet and already provided feedback. Because I received so much valuable feedback, I went ahead and made yesterday the first Friday update with the second update most likely coming on Friday, August 15. Here’s a look at what changed from V1.0 to V1.1:

(1) Fixed the wording of Equipment > Armor as the entry was confusing; previous entry was more for flavor and less for mechanical representation.

(2) Rolls on the Injury Table were moved from the Injured status to the Incapacitated status; previous entry would force too many rolls on the Injury Table.

(3) Fixed a major error under Game Mecahnics > Fall; the damage is doubled if the surface IS jagged, not isn’t.

(4) Boating was added as a Suggested Skill to the Marine entry as marines should also understand boating.

(5) Added “Add +2 to Damage” as a Hero Point option.

(6) Changed “Add +d6 to Damage” Hero Point option to “Add +d4 to Damage” as +d6 seemed a bit too much. This same change was made to Mounted Combat damage.

(7) Added the opposed roll combination to the Dodge option in combat (using Agility + Athletics) as a quick reference.

(8) Added the opposed roll combinations to the Parry option in Combat (using Agility + Melee or Strength + Melee, depending on the weapon) as a quick reference.

(9) Repairing armor was changed to Mechanical Healing; this was the original intent, but now it’s properly stated as such.

(10) Game Mechanics > Called Shots had a reference to “the Dice Pool”, but this should say “the Skill Roll”.

(11) Expanded the brief Qualities and Hero Point introduction under Introduction > Characters to note that Qualities provide Hero Points “which can then be immediately spent to gain a bonus to the action being performed.”

(12) Expanded some of the Attribute descriptions.

(13) Further clarified that a cooperative character’s roll is done at the Average difficulty to provide the +2 to the lead character’s Skill Roll.

(14) Modified the Group Rolls so that spending a Hero Point increases that character’s skill’s die type.

(15) Changed the Quality – Hero Point relationship so that negative Qualities allow the character to stockpile Hero Points while Hero Points from positive Qualities must be spent immediately; further clarification was given to neutral Qualities.

(16) Reorganized the Blast Zone entries under Equipment for easier referencing.

(17) Expanded the sample Qualities from playtest feedback.

(18) Changed Target Number to 9 and all modifiers only apply to the Skill Roll, not the Target Number.

(19) Added the option to “Add +d6 to a Skill Roll” as a Hero Point option.

(20) Added the option to “Increase Initiative by +d6” as a Hero Point option.

(21) Fixed error under Game Mechanics > Travel that read a “-4d6 penalty” that should have been a “-4 penalty”.

(22) Fixed error under Game Mechanics > Prone that read a “-6d6 penalty” that should have been a “-6 penalty”.

(23) Fixed some of the damage ratings in the Powers chapter.

You can see it’s quite a bit, and it’s all listed in the Change Log. I want to be very transparent with the change process, just like you would expect from a Kickstarter campaign!

As a side note that is somewhat important, the official name of the game system going forward will be Entropy Roleplaying Game. I want to make sure there are no IP concerns over our Entropy versus other Entropy games. I also want the term entropy to be usable without confusion. If you want to abbreviate things, you can thus call it ERPG.

Because of this change, the next update will be V2.0 and will incorporate all the feedback received since the V1.1 update.

For those looking for a better character sheet, a Form-Fillable PDF version was uploaded on Friday. This allows you to type in many of the fields before printing it out. I hope the character sheet so far has been quite usable as I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Keep sending that feedback, because the only thing that could happen is that the game could get better!!

Thanks a million!!

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