Playtest the New Historical Horror Storyteling RPG from Mystical Throne Entertainment


188182ELLENTON, FL July 15, 2016 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the release of  a new Open Beta playtest – Beyond the Firelight. Beyond the Firelight is a GM-less, collaborative storytelling game drawing inspiration on horrific tales of historical folklore. This new RPG is in the development and polishing stage and we’re running an Open Beta playtest to gather people’s feedback and make changes where necessary. For those participating, there are rewards for providing feedback that increase the more feedback you provide (same as we did with the EGS playtest).

Beyond the Firelight is a rules-light game using a communal pool of d6s. All players pull dice from the same Dice Pool in order to achieve the Objectives of the Scenario. Achieving those Objectives moves the storyline toward Success. Failing those Objectives moves the storyline toward Failure. While the framework is provided, the players fill in all the details that bring them to the Conclusion.

Designer and Mystical Throne Entertainment president, Aaron T. Huss, has this to say about Beyond the Firelight. “There is an aspect of my Shadowed Earth alternate history that is meant to be investigative and survival horror. This is part of history that brings tales of folklore horror to life. Unfortunately, both Savage Worlds and the Entropic Gaming System are heroic games, but Beyond the Firelight is not meant to be heroic. Personalities within the game are commonfolk working against these mythical forces and beings. To represent that, I needed something less heroic and wanted the game to focus more on the storytelling element instead of the adventure element. Thus, the mechanics behind Beyond the Firelight were born.”

Beyond the Firelight is in development and polishing via an Open Beta playtest. The playtest packet can be downloaded via RPGNow and those who provide feedback may garner increasing rewards similar to a Kickstarter campaign:

About Mystical Throne Entertainment
Mystical Throne Entertainment is an independent publisher owned and operated by Aaron T. Huss. He is the designer of the Entropic Gaming System, designer of the Shadowed Earth multi-era setting, a Savage Worlds licensee, a Legend Third Party Publisher, and the owner of a limited Colonial Gothic and Dark Streets license. He is also the president of the Game Publishers’ Guild, a worldwide strategic alliance of game publishers.

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