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Considering how important a major plot-point setting for Savage Worlds is, well to me at least; I plan on taking my time. Playtesting is currently going on with a good number of participants. As feedback comes in, I will make some updates, gather some industry advice, make more revisions, and publish the second playtesting set. I want to get this right the first time and the first release will include the following:

  • Faith & Demons: The Rising Core Setting Guide
  • Faith & Demons: The Rising Player’s Guide (this is the player’s guide extracted from the full core setting guide)
  • Faith & Demons: The Rising Quick Start Guide (this will be a free download)
  • At least 1 full adventure module

Considering all of this, the release is definitely out in 2012, possibly near the end of the second quarter. However, while playtesting rolls on, I am going to develop some Savage Worlds mini-settings for publishing through Savage Insider as premium content. These will be small settings (not full plot-point settings like Faith & Demons: The Rising) with publications in the standard Savage Insider issues. The core setting guides will be released separately for purchase with adventures and source material appearing in the regular, free issue publications. I currently have two in development (with working titles):

  • Mercenary Breed – space opera sandbox tool-kit
  • Expurgation – gritty, multi-genre setting featuring the Inquisition

I will provide more details as time goes on, but I’m hoping to get the first one out in August or September. If I can do that, then new content will also appear in the October Issue #2 of Savage Insider. Playtesting will become available, but the time-frame will be relatively short. New announcements will be posted regarding these playtesting opportunities.

Thanks for your time and keep on playing!

Aaron T. Huss
President Mystical Throne Entertainment
Bringing new worlds to your tabletop!

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