Gilbert Gallo Talks Mythos with Wine and Savages


Mythos developer and writer, Gilbert Gallo, took some time to speak with the Wine and Savages blog about the Mythos setting and core setting guide.

Check-out the full interview at Wine and Savages:

Sean Bircher:     The emphasis on intrigue clarifies some points for me.  Some of the Mystery Cults — Algos, Erebus, and Hecate — are a little out of sync with what I would consider the assumptions of a Bronze Age Greek campaign because they give powers over poisoning, controlling shadows, and summoning ghosts.  How do you see those integrating into a campaign?

(And by the way, naming 300 as one of your influences makes more sense of the emphasis on intrigue as well.)

Gilbert Gallo:     Mythos is not an ‘ordinary’ Bronze Age. The Heavenly Contest broke out and the Gods are ready to do anything to achieve victory. That’s why Heroes have access to powers that the literature doesn’t take into account. But this only makes everything more epic.  And that’s Mythos’s main goal: to provide an epic gaming experience.”

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