Broken Ruler Games Launches ScreenPlay Core Rule System


Development studio Broken Ruler Games and publisher Mystical Throne Entertainment are proud to announce the release of the ScreenPlay quick start guide – Ironbound. This PDF is available for Pay What You Want, providing an introduction to the upcoming ScreenPlay RPG system along with providing a complete dark fantasy adventure. The PDF is available now with a PWYW print-on-demand version coming available soon. The full ScreenPlay core rulebook is due to be released on May 30 for those who want to pick-up the full system!

ScreenPlay Presents: Ironbound [PDF: Pay What You Want | POD: Coming Soon | POD/PDF: Coming Soon]

ScreenPlay Presents: Ironbound

In the long forgotten Kingdom of Alduire, dark times always loom on the horizon. The Kingdom was forged in iron and blood as wicked beasts and foul spellcasters – witches and warlocks – tempted the weak-willed into undertaking pacts with the Devil for access to powerful magicks. Rising from the shadows, Alduire became a beacon of light and hope against the despair and savagery of the wild. Championing that cause was, and always has been, the holy crusaders known as the Ironbound, loyal warriors and scholars sworn to punish those who would turn to magick.

Using only their skills in the sword, arrow, and tome, the Ironbound are a dedicated few. Scattered to the far corners of the Kingdom, they have been fundamental in establishing an expansive and dominant force across the land, making Alduire a haven for technology, education, and gospel. Fealty to the Almighty is mandatory and each of the Ironbound are holy warriors first, citizens second. The King’s command is taken as an order from the Almighty and all those who would use spells and rituals are considered damned, fit for termination by any means necessary.

ScreenPlay Presents: Ironbound is a special preview of the new storytelling RPG from the ENnie Award winning designer and publisher of Killshot. Take on the role of one of five magick hunters as you – the players – control the story. Using this unique system, players take on the role of Writers crafting the first draft of a script while the Director challenges them along the way to create an engaging and exhilarating story. Priced to Pay What You Want, Ironbound offers an opportunity to experience the ScreenPlay rules while experiencing a stand-alone storytelling experience. Everything you need to play is right here in 64 pages.

Designer: Todd Crapper
System: ScreenPlay
Page Count: 64
Features: Complete rules, including character creation; blank character sheet, scene notes, table of contents, bookmarks, hyperlinks

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