Become an Inquisitor in Judgment Day – the Official Description


Judgment Day is the second Premium Content release for Savage Insider and the next mini-setting. It is a multi-genre setting with Edges for playing within Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi. Playtest will commence shortly and here is the official description:

The Inquisition has been protecting the world for centuries. While many feel solitude within their homes, inquisitors of all types are hunting the denizens that terrorize and kill. In Judgment Day, players take on the role of inquisitors hunting down and purging the likes of werebeasts, demons, aliens, ghosts, vampires, and more. Whether used as a stand-alone setting or secret society within existing settings, the Inquisition is ready to protect.

Judgment Day is a mini-setting, designed to be placed within existing settings to create specialized inquisitors while still being usable as a stand-alone setting focused on hunting horrific beings.  To coincide with the stand-alone aspect, Judgment Day contains aspects of a modern fantasy, action horror setting.

Character creation follows the standard Savage Worlds core rulebook while taking full advantage of the modular mechanics of Savage Worlds along with being compatible with almost every setting. Judgment Day contains a number of new Edges and Hindrances for creating inquisitors with specialties for hunting some of the most vile creatures. These creatures are quite formidable and only the strongest will survive. Only an inquisitor receives the proper training to stand against these terrifying creatures.

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