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Throne Report is Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter to discuss all things related to Mystical Throne Entertainment and Savage Insider. This includes all products being published or sponsored by Mystical Throne Entertainment and highlights of products being developed by Savage Insider’s development team.

Throne-Report-Newsletter-BannerGreetings one and all and welcome to the latest Throne Report, Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter that will (hopefully) be posted every Friday. This online newsletter is meant to keep all our fans informed about what we’re working on, what’s been released, important announcements, and a look at what’s coming up.

Aaron T. Huss

Quick Update

No new releases since the Mythos Core Setting Guide, but I wanted to provide some updates on various development.

Colonial Gothic: New World

The campaign and sourcebook sections of Perilous Journey #1: Portsmouth has been written and sent off for playtest and editing. If you’re interested in playtest, send me a message and I’ll send you the playtest packet. The bestiary will be written after I do a little more playtesting and the first part of the fiction has been kicked off.

Savage Insider

I’ve already started receiving submissions for Savage Insider #10: Make it Epic. There are lots more to be received and editing will start in December.

Ultimate Guides

Final draft editing is due September 30 for the upcoming Ultimate Pirate, Privateer, and Plunder Guide. I’ve already grabbed some artwork and am excited about this release!

Mythos Core Setting Guide

The Mythos Core Setting Guide is available everywhere and now we’re working on speaking with creator Gilbert Gallo. A Designer’s Diary was posted at Roleplayers Chronicle and we’re looking to set up interviews with Gilbert. If you are interested in interviewing him, please send me a message.

Shadowed Earth

I’ve been getting the final draft edits back for the Shadowed Earth core setting guide and have been going back and forth with my artist Andrew DeFelice for a full color cover.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I’ve been posting interviews from Gen Con this month and the Featured Product series has taken a backseat until October. Expect to see Cthulhu Dark Ages in October.

Roleplayers Chronicle Reference

All revisions are complete on Call of Cthulhu, Basic Roleplaying, Shadow, Sword & Spell, Thousand Suns, and Colonial Gothic. Next I start tackling Dungeons & Dragons and Rite Publishing, although when time comes available.

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