Mercenary Breed 2.0 Preview #3 – Edges & Hindrances


The original Mercenary Breed was meant as more of an add-on for the Savage Worlds core rulebook and sci-fi supplements. A design decision was made for the 2nd Edition that Mercenary Breed should function without the need for the sci-fi supplements or the recently released Sci-Fi Companion. Instead, Mercenary Breed provides an excellent playground to use what’s in the Sci-Fi Companion rather than using it as a source of Mercenary Breed options. As such, we created new Hindrances and Edges for mercenary characters including Racial Edges for the six xeno templates included within 2nd Edition. Here’s a quick look:


Mercenaries may be the equivalent of a sci-fi hero, but heroes and heroines always have some type of flaw. To increase the options already available, here is a selection of Hindrances to choose from, particularly designed for Mercenary Breed.

Archaic (Minor)

Your character enjoys technology of the past and feels a type of comfort when around it. However, current technology frightens him. Whenever he handles, operates, or interfaces with high-technology equipment (including weapons), he incurs a (-2) penalty to all associated skill rolls (including Shooting). For reference, the gemini would view Earth’s current technology as archaic.

Heavy Breather (Major)

For some reason, your character requires a better supply of oxygen than the standard member of its race. In environments where the atmosphere is thin or oxygen is less prevalent, they must make a Vigor test every day or gain 1 level of Fatigue.

Poor Reputation (Major)

For some reason, your character always does things to make the corporation angry. Either the way missions are resolved or just a show-off type attitude, the executives often question why the mercenary is still around. Because of this, the character gains 1 less Reputation point per mission completed. Thus, if they should have earned +3 Reputation, the mercenary only earns +2.

New Edges

Adaptive Gills

Type: Racial
Requirements: Novice, Hhilachi
Some hhilachi get an implant called adaptive gills. This implant allows them to breathe underwater longer. This implant increases the amount of time they can hold their breath to 60 minutes before testing for Fatigue.

Bounty Hunter

Type: Professional
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+ or Streetwise d8+, Tracking d8+
Some mercenaries are skilled at tracking a target across the galaxy. They know how to find the right information either electronically or on the streets, always attempting to stay one step ahead of their target.

When following a target across space or planet-side, the character gains a +2 bonus to all rolls associated with finding the target.


Type: Racial
Requirements: Novice, L’Nel
Some l’nel warriors have a mutation that produces longer claws that can be used as weapons. They gain a Natural Weapon that does Str+d6 damage.

Computer Specialist

Type: Professional
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Hacking d8+, Investigation d8+
Your character is skilled with computers and knows how to design them, set up networks, and navigate through vast computer systems. He probably spent many years of his youth taking apart computers or other electronic devices, only to figure out how they work.

When working with computers and computer-related systems and devices, he gains a +2 bonus to all Hacking and Investigation rolls.

Watch for preview #4 with a look at the two new species added for character creation.


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