Science Fiction RPG Powered by the Entropic Gaming System


PALMETTO, FL MAY 17, 2020 – Mystical Throne Entertainment has released Entropic Science Fiction, a standalone sci-fi role-playing powered by the Entropic Gaming System 2.0 System Reference Document.

The first standalone core rulebook powered by the Entropic Gaming System 2.0 mechanics comes in the form of Entropic Science Fiction, a book for players and GMs to create characters and run games in their own science fiction galactic sandbox.

Players can choose ten unique PC cultures, high technology equipment, technology-driven Talents (science as magic), and all the character options that go along with it. GMs can utilize the extensive guidance provided, mechanics for building missions, example settings and missions, and a small bestiary to get started.

Entropic Science Fiction is the first standalone core rulebook powered by EGS 2.0. Additional standalone books are planned including an unabridged Judgment Day, Entropic Fantasy, and Entropic Horror.

Find out more about Entropic Science Fiction here.

About Mystical Throne Entertainment
Mystical Throne Entertainment is an independent publisher owned and operated by Aaron T. Huss. He is the designer of the Entropic Gaming System, designer of the Shadowed Earth multi-era setting, a Savage Worlds licensee, and a Legend Third Party Publisher.

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