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Savage Insider Issue #8: Technology at the Table


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Savage Insider Issue #8: Technology at the Table is all about technology in-game and out-of-game. The pillar article Tabletop Tech Today discusses what tools Savages are using as Game Masters and players while Gone Digital presents all the methods used by Phil Vecchione to run games with explanations of those tools and alternate ones to choose.

Technology at the Table is a multi-genre issue that leans toward different types of technology including clockwork, steam, cybernetics, and modern action gear. Technology runs the gambit of possibilities and we touch base on many aspects with varied uses throughout your games.

Technology at the Table includes:

  • Two fleshed out cyberpunk Great Adventures
  • Two fleshed out Character Galleries.
  • A detailed look at two different character tools for use with Savage Worlds.
  • Two General Interest pieces about using technology for gaming.
  • … and more!


Type – Magazine
Authors – Vickey A. Beaver, Brett Boyko, Will Herrmann, Aaron T. Huss, Curtis Lyon, Hyrum Savage, Eric Simon, Phil Vecchione
System – Savage Worlds
Release Date – April 3, 2013; November 3, 2013; April 5, 2018

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