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Savage Worlds Ultimate Game Master’s Guide

I have decided to kick off a new line of digest-sized (ultimate) guides for Savage Worlds. The first will be the Ultimate Game Master’s Guide with content to help GMs quickly create new settings, adventures, and campaigns. The content will include: Racial backgrounds Bestiary creation Combat balance Skill tests Adventure seeds Setting themes   The […] Read More

Mercenary Breed Core Setting Guide is Now Available

Mercenary Breed Core Setting Guide is Now Available

The core setting guide for Mercenary Breed, a premium content release for Savage Insider, is now available! Mercenary Breed is a space opera sandbox setting where inter-planetary corporations employ mercenaries to enforce laws and enact justice against those who perform oppositional activities. No matter what kind of sci-fi action and adventure experience you’re looking for, […] Read More

Faith & Demons: The Rising Development – September

To continue keeping the general public updated, here’s a September development report for Faith & Demons: The Rising. Playtest round 1 has completed and feedback is being perused. I am currently working on the bestiary for round 2 of playtesting. Round 2 will focus on items in the Game Master’s Guide section including diseases, bestiary, […] Read More

Development Continues

Now that Gen Con is over, I can get back to finishing up Mercenary Breed. In addition, Vickey will be finalizing the definition of what articles we’re looking for with Savage Insider issue #2 and I can get a move on with my submissions. I’m putting together an article title “What’s in a genre” focusing […] Read More

Mercenary Breed Official Description

Mercenary Breed is the first Premium Content product being published through the Savage Insider magazine. Mercenary Breed is designed as a Savage Worlds mini-setting that will grow through standard issue releases of Savage Insider. The core setting guide is released as the Premium Content and creates the space opera sandbox framework including charts for race, […] Read More

Ongoing Development News

Considering how important a major plot-point setting for Savage Worlds is, well to me at least; I plan on taking my time. Playtesting is currently going on with a good number of participants. As feedback comes in, I will make some updates, gather some industry advice, make more revisions, and publish the second playtesting set. […] Read More

Savage Insider Issue #1 is Now Available

The inaugural issue of the new Savage Worlds eZine Savage Insider is available for free download at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. I am also in discussion with Paizo Publishing to have Savage Insider available from Check-out my Savage Insider products page for more information. Welcome to the inaugural issue of Savage Insider – a new […] Read More

Faith & Demons: The Rising Official Description

Here is a nice, official description of the Faith & Demons: The Rising plot-point setting. Faith & Demons is a Dark Ages, gothic fantasy setting where united lords have brought the world’s warriors together to prevent undead armies and demons from enslaving their people. Faith & Demons lays out a setting characterized by religious conflict […] Read More

Faith & Demons: The Rising Playtesters Wanted

Faith & Demons: The Rising is a complete plot-point setting for Savage Worlds. It is an alternate history of the Dark Ages filled with gothic fantasy and mythology. Development has reached the point where the Core Setting Guide is ready for the first round of playtesting!  If you are interested in becoming a playtester for […] Read More

Development Continues

For all those visiting the site and are wondering what’s going on… Now that I have received approval from Pinnacle Entertainment Group to proceed with development, myself and the Savage Insider team are working to get Issue #1 put together and available for an early July release. In addition, I continue to make progress on […] Read More


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