Website Renovation Complete


Thank you everyone for your patience while the website was updated and renovated. Yes I realize it hasn’t really changed that much from before, but it has been completely updated using a new template. The previous template had broken due to the developer not supporting it properly. This lack of a website update let to our webhost frequently deleting files thinking they were contaminated. Which broke the website about every 2 weeks, requiring it to be fixed. This should take care of it.

All in all, the look and feel of the website has not changed. The catalog is still organized in the same fashion as before, although the catalog pages sport a horizontal set of tabs instead of a vertical set of accordion tabs. Everything else is so minor that you may not even notice it.

I do ask for a favor… If you encounter any awkward pages, errors, or difficulties, please email me immediately with an explanation of what it is (a screenshot works too) and I will take care of it. You can send those emails to

Thank you everyone!

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