Ultimate Game Masters Guide Preview 1


Here’s the first preview of the recently announced Ultimate Game Masters Guide for Savage Worlds.

Reading the Abilities

These abilities are given in shorthand. They list the skill, attribute, derived statistic, Hindrance or Edge that is associated with that ability and includes the given bonus or penalty under the given conditions (in parentheses).

For example, Climbing d6 means that ability provides the character with a free d6 in the Climbing skill upon applying the racial background. +2 Vigor (versus poison) means the character gains a +2 bonus to all Vigor rolls to resist the effects of poisons. If no condition is given then default to (always). These bonuses and penalties are cumulative with standard ones for difficulty.


Physical traits are those that can be seen, felt or smelt. They have a direct impact on how the character looks and often what they are capable of. These traits are not limited to visual attributes like wings or hooves but also include motor skills and genetic make-up like poor manual dexterity or multiple hearts.


Bioluminescence is a production of light from a creature’s body via an internal chemical reaction to oxygen. This light is considered as a “cold light” and generates very little heat. This form of natural light production is very common in creatures that live in environments with little to no visibility, often being used to lure prey. The most common creature types are insects or aquatic. Many creatures cannot control when the light occurs.

+2 Abilities: Dark Vision
+1 Abilities: +2 Intimidation, +2 Taunt, Low Light Vision
-1 Abilities: Outsider (Minor)(non-native lands)
-2 Abilities: -4 Stealth (visual)


Canids are members of the canidae family, also known as canines, that includes wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes and domesticated dogs. They are typically characterized as social creatures with non-retractable claws, excellent hearing and sense of smell, active hunters and covered in fur.

+2 Abilities: +2 Charisma, Danger Sense
+1 Abilities: Tracking d6, Survival d6, Low Light Vision, Notice d6
-1 Abilities: Loyal (Minor), All Thumbs (Minor)
-2 Abilities: -4 Climbing, -4 Repair

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