Twilight Continuum Space Opera Campaign for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Campaign


We have launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the very first Perilous Journey campaign set for Savage Worlds, featuring Twilight Continuum – a near-future, spacer opera campaign covering characters from Novice through Legendary.

Twilight Continuum is the first Perilous Journey campaign set for Savage Worlds. The Perilous Journey campaign sets are a collection of six 72-page books that follow the characters from their first days as a Novice through their career as a Legendary hero. Each book contains one part of the campaign, one part of the fictional novella series, a mini-sourcebook, and a collection of new creatures.

Twilight Continuum is a near-future space opera campaign where the characters find themselves on an Earth different than our own. It does not require the use of an existing or upcoming Savage Worlds setting and can thus be played on its own with only the use of the core rulebook or inserted into your favorite sci-fi setting such as Mercenary Breed, High Space (published by StoryWeaver), or Nemezis (published by GRAmel).


It is the dawn of the twenty-second century, and mankind’s quest for land and resources has led to the colonization of the inner solar system. But the people of earth remain polarized into two major factions and their satellites – the Western Euro-American Alliance and the Eastern Chinese Co-prosperity Sphere – and in spite of a state of detente at home, battles and skirmishes continue in the vacuum of space and between colonies.


But when the invading fleets of the Zentari arrive and aim their invasion toward earth, humanity must learn to cast aside its differences and fight together against a common foe. What drives the aliens to conquer earth? Is there any hope against their superior technology? Become one of the handful of heroes destined to save the earth and change the universe. Enter the Twilight Continuum.

Vanguard is the first in the Twilight Continuum series, and details the cradle of humanity and the Zentari War.


The campaign portion of each book will bring the characters from the beginning to the end of each rank with books 5 and 6 both covering Legendary ranks.


The novella series will include a 6-part fictional series set in the Twilight Continuum setting featuring various aspects of the campaign.


Each book will contain a mini-sourcebook or something equivalent that provides additional details on one or more locations within that particular campaign module. This information is not required for the campaign and instead allows the GM to expand on their own games or take them in different directions.


Each book will contain a collection of 6 new creatures to either supplement the encounters within the campaign module or usable in conjunction with the mini-sourcebook to give the GM more options for creating their own encounters.

Vanguard (Book #1)

This Kickstarter campaign covers the first book of the campaign in regards to the funding goal. Stretch goals includes additional books, but at the very least we would like to raise the funds for the first book and gauge everyone’s interest. It is slated for delivery in July 2013. Additionally, we will be publishing a Player’s Guide as a reference for players in the campaign. It too is slated for general delivery in July 2013 with backers at the Cadet level or higher receiving it by June 2013.

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