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Aaron T. Huss

Mercenary Breed

The Hastilion Expanse is currently in editing. I anticipate editing to take quite a while as the book is fairly long. As far as doing an Entropic Gaming System of Mercenary Breed, I don’t think I’m going to do a simple conversion. Instead, I’m planning on writing Entropic Sci-Fi Heroes as a sci-fi handbook for EGS building off, and using most of, the content presented in the Mercenary’s Handbook and Galaxy Guide. Then, the Hastilion Expanse will become a standalone setting and campaign book.

Colonial Gothic: Portsmouth 1745

Writing is chugging along for Portsmouth 1745. The plot points are written as are the low level adventures. I’m currently working on the mid-level adventures and will finish up with the bestiary sections. Then the book will have to find an editor as my usual editor for this is working on the Hastilion Expanse book.

Ultimate Guides

The Ultimate Knights Templar book is still in progress. I’m giving Charles White as much time as he needs to complete it so that it’s another awesome Ultimate Guide! He’s informed me that he’ll be done this year, but I’m not too worried. I’d rather have the sourcebook done right than done quickly.

Entropic Gaming System

The V5.1 Open Beta playtest packet was released a week ago. This update contained only a handful of changes; nothing major. The book is in editing though, and we’re nearing the end of the month for those who only wish to provide their simple feedback. After that, the reward tiers move on to the next tier for playtesters.

Shadowed Earth

The Shadowed Earth Anthology, Volume I is still in process. I believe there are two more stories coming in to round out the entire book. So far I’m quite happy with what I’ve received.

I’ve started development of Judgment Day 2nd Edition. The first release will be an EGS-powered core setting guide that considerably revises and expands upon the original content. In fact, it allows characters to assume the role of inquisitors during the Middle Ages, Victorian era, or Modern Age. This book will also serve as a guideline for future EGS-powered settings. The core setting guide will be for players and GMs and will be supported by the Cryptozoology bestiary (a modern fantasy horror bestiary that can be used pretty much universally). After that’s released, I’ll kick off work on the Savage Worlds version. I’m not currently planning a Legend version, but we’ll see if there’s a demand for it. Maybe just a Legend version of the Cryptozoology.

Don’t forget to visit the Shadowed Earth Online website for the Encyclopedia Chaotica:

Roleplayers Chronicle

I’ve been digging into the clean-up of the RPGs. 0one Games is completed as is Arc Dream Publishing. I’m currently working on Atlas Games.

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