Throne Report – May 24, 2013


Throne Report is Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter to discuss all things related to Mystical Throne Entertainment and Savage Insider. This includes all products being published or sponsored by Mystical Throne Entertainment and highlights of products being developed by Savage Insider’s development team.

Throne-Report-Newsletter-BannerGreetings one and all and welcome to the latest Throne Report, Mystical Throne Entertainment’s weekly online newsletter that will (hopefully) be posted every Friday. This online newsletter is meant to keep all our fans informed about what we’re working on, what’s been released, important announcements, and a look at what’s coming up.

New Webstore

I have been kicking around for a few months the best way to open a Mystical Throne Entertainment webstore. The first method I tried did not work, the second method I looked into was just not right, but this latest one is exactly what I was looking for. Thus, the new webstore has been launched and all our PDFs are available for purchase. As a celebration of the grand opening, we are running a 25% off coupon for EVERYTHING until Sunday, June 2. Use coupon code: grandopening for your savings.

Savage Insider

Work continues on Savage Insider Issue #9: Tales of the Weird. Submissions are closed and an announcement for issue #10 is coming soon. Savage Insider Deluxe Issue #1: Modularity has been released in PDF with a print-on-demand version coming in June. This deluxe issue is a compilation of all the non-extracted content from Savage Insider Premium Issues #1-5. You get 115 pages of Savage Worlds content for only $11.95.

Ultimate Guides

The Print-on-Demand versions of Ultimate Roman Legions Guide and Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide for Legend are now available through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Freelancer Christopher J.N. Banks, military historian and author of Ultimate Roman Legions Guide and Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide, has been working on his next supplement Ultimate Privateering Guide. This latest sourcebook harkens back to the years of privateers and will be available for Savage Worlds and Renaissance.

Mythos Core Setting Guide

Aaron and Vickey are busy plugging away on the editing of Mythos. The book is a 13-chapter book and we have finished first and final draft edits through chapter 8. The release may be pushed out to August and retail fulfillment is to be determined as what outlet will be used. Final draft editing has begun on chapters 9 and 10 and first draft editing has begun on chapter 11.

Shadowed Earth

Aaron has finished the first 4 chapters of the Shadowed Earth core setting guide, bringing the content to chapter 5 with a look at the Dark Ages.

Roleplayers Chronicle

I have started delving into the FateStorm products Rogue Marshal and Shattered Moon for the next Featured Product series. Don’t forget to check-out the Designer’s Diary and Interviews we’ve posted in the past couple months.

Roleplayers Chronicle Reference

Revisions are in process for Mongoose Publishing and Chaosium, Inc. The Stormbringer/Elric series has been revised and work continues on the Basic Roleplaying Monograph series.

Mystical Throne Entertainment is a publisher of tabletop role-playing games along with the parent company of the Roleplayers Chronicle news website, reporting on the entire tabletop RPG industry with news, articles, reviews, and important announcements. Throne Report is (c) 2013 Mystical Throne Entertainment and features the latest information about the company and its partners. Watch for a new Throne Report every Friday to keep up-to-date.

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